DBZ - Return of Vegetto

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***Oh and to answer some reviews which disturbed me a bit.... um.....this is a movie, not an episode, but next time I'll shorten the length and i'll improve on the areas on where I have failed. As for Brolli(sorry.."Broly"), the reason why he has learned Kaioken,Instant Transmission..etc....is because apparently he was still alive after the last movie(just making up stuff ppl... :S but next time i'll make what YOU want) we saw him in and he secretly observed Goku throughout the rest of the series...and that's how he was able to do all that stuff. I should have mentioned how he was able to do it, including kaioken x100, but i tried to make it a mystery. But based on the reviews i saw...my bad ppl....but back then I had very little experience on flash. I have learned a lot now, but I dunno if I will make any fixes soon with this movie because I've already started the 2nd flash movie which is kinda like a continuation....except..a completely different situation. Accept my apologies but..I always wanted to make a dbz movie and post it on newgrounds.***
---First off I'd like to apologize for all my dumb flaws in the movie....
1. I'm sorry about some of the text in the movie. Some of them just disappear too quick.... sorry :S....
2. Sorry for lack of some detail...especially this 1 explosion in particular which lasted about 10 seconds with little detail.....
3. Sorry I failed to put a loading screen. 56K Users should wait about 5 mins before they hit the play button. DSL or Cable users can stream through the movie so they can hit play immediately...
4. Yes I did all of this frame by frame which waz sorta difficult to do..but it wasn't really tiring... thanks to a friend of mine, Cajunspirit, for extra sound support.---

Oh...if you have MSN or Yahoo or AIM my e-mail addresses are :
Aim - LgdVegetto
Yahoo - Draconis_tlsd@yahoo.com
MSN - Crusader_Diablos@hotmail.com

!!! PLEASE ADD ME TO UR CONTACT LIST AND TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT IN MY NEXT DBZ FLASH MOVIE !!!! (I really don't want to disappoint any DBZ fans...honestly...)


Holy hell dude, you were right

This was awsome. I have never been a fan of dbz, but that was just badass. You have just made my day. Thanks.

Wow! That was pimp!

I really liked that! Especially if this is your first flash ever done! Since I am a hardcore Dragonball Z fan, I think that you could've done a little more with it. I think that when they did their signature move it should have been more exaggerated and more detailed. And I think that The Z-Crusher was a little bit gay. You should have had Veggetto do like a Big Kamehameha Bang Attack.(Big Bang Attack+Kamehameha)Still great work though!


I liked it. Simple as that.


Not only is he powerful but hes great, super,outstanding, mighty and cool!!!!!!!!

its ok...

That was ok...but..Kaioken x 100? Bull Crap!

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4.03 / 5.00

Oct 4, 2003
4:45 AM EDT