NSG002:Spot 5 differences

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I suggest you play 'Spot the Difference' rather than this game.

This was just a test. Mainly submitted to get feedback before I continued. I didn't expect it to survive.

Thanks to Emagdnim678, TheShrike and The_Super_Flash_Bros for a useful online tutorial about how to disable the tab button.


Potential is here.

You need to make it more clear that there's five things to find.
It certainly has potential, you should create multiple levels! Each getting harder and harder with some decreasing time limits and perhaps some 'help' buttons (to give answers when people are stuck).
These additions would make it much better, but as it is right now... it's too easy.
No replay value after you win.

Bezman responds:

Well, it doesn't have anything you ask for, but I think you'd like my 'spot the difference' game if you haven't already played it. 10 levels.

no 'help' buttons though...

I'll be making another, so if you let me know what you thought of the 10-level version, that'd be great. :)

It was ok.

Whilst nothing special, I like your little puzzle games for their simplicity. Also the "Bezman- Colors" shades of purple where here.

If you are going to make a game like this but longer I strongly suggest you to make the levels very different. Add people and other stuff in the picture that makes it funnier to watch. Right now there is only a lot of colors that makes no sense. Once again I also miss the lack of music and some sort of soundeffects. Add stupid sound effects too to make it funnier ;).

Bezman responds:

Thanks for yet another thorough review. :D

I'm glad I've managed to have a coherent style of my own. :)

I actually just submitted the longer version. There aren't any photos, but most of the pictures aren't just patterns. Would you try it and see what you think?

I didn't add sound effects, but it seems that a few people want them, so I'll be definitely adding them later on. I hadn't considered a stupid angle on the sfx, but I'll give it a shot. Thanks for the idea! :)

It was alright

The style was pretty nice, but it would of been MUCH better if it was a real picture (As in drawn, not a photo).

Bezman responds:

Glad you found it reasonably enjoyable.

I've just now released the full version I've spent the last day making, and that has a few drawn picture.

So hopefully if you try that you'll like it.

Perdy coo eh?

I liked that, different and enjoyable, mon frere.

Bezman responds:

Thanks! ^_^

You know, I actually looked at your profile to see if you were literally one of my siblings... hehe

pretty cool

That was kinda fun u should add more differences though but its fun!

Bezman responds:


I now have another version up with 10 levels, so if you liked this, be sure to play that! :)

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Oct 3, 2003
6:04 PM EDT
Puzzles - Difference