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Dimension X: Episode 2

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Ok, to start, NO THE PILOT EPISODES ARE NOT EPISODE 1! I cant remember where I put the actual first episode, so enjoy episode 2 for right now. And if you'd like me to send some of the sounds I used, feel free to contact me and I'll see if I can email them to you, enjoy the episode!

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Ahh, shucks. I thought that "Dimension X" would be a Ninja Turtle reference, :|. So anyway, the voices were not bad, they sometimes seemed to be a little to mechanical. The character designs could be a little better, instead of the basic circles for head, and etc. Not a bad episode. With your mix of comedy and violence, this was pretty entertaining. The only big negative thing I have to say is the during the figthing scene. The characters looked like they could be a lot better, plus the sounds were very distracting and way too loud. Good luck with future episodes.



That...well sucked

I didnt even watch the whole thing I couldnt take it!!

It was so incredably boring!!

Graphics sucked you had some people in full human form then you had stick figures running around!!

Sounds sucked almost as much as the graphics!! When there were doing the talk between the 2 people the sound would end and the people would continue to talk silently!

Then there is a long boring flash back mod that doesnt make any sence to what is going on at that time!!

The whole movie completely sucked!!

Id say your lucky im even giving you a 1!!!

I dont mean to sound abusive but this movie is so bad and so boring for what I watched!!

It sucked thats all there is to it

Really cool

I like the parody of current events and the original character designs! Great stuff! Your sound effects are amazing! Could you send them to me on AIM at Lonesoulcreator or msn at adam_p88@hotmailcom? If you wanna do it by email, send them to adam_p89@hotmail.com though please. Thanks a lot! Good luck on your future projects, my man!


Pretty good, kind of slow.

And I didn't really like strikers eyes, but the fight with simon was cool and i totally know what you mean about fox and the family guy!(that made the difference between a 6 and a 7 for you)


The animation was nothing to brag about. The sound was pretty much the only good and bad thing. Music clips was looped, gets annoying fast. Some of the sound effects (guns) could have been meshed together and sounded smoother. The majority of the DBZ sfx wasn't to shady. Also, you need to get a better mic. I dont think that Secret Ops sound all muffled like going through a tunnel on their comms.