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I funny little "quickie-game" Carrot Clock and I had fun with..It's too big to be an E-card so we posted it here.
Happy halloween!

Programmed by carrotClock
Animated by Mindchamber

(P.S. this game is not for dá Kiddies:) which means its for ADULTS


I remember playing this quite a long time ago. Good times. Nice job, btw!

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I must say that no matter how long it has been, this is a very memorable game. Someday if there's even a bit of luck involved, I hope there's a sequel to continue this game. Nostalgia and stuff.

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MindChamber responds:

hehe., if there was a programmer serious enough to follow through Id be wit it


will there be ever a second one plz

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Mmmmmm .... one out of the vault. And strangely exciting.

Good to know you're welcoming our horny little visitors to Planet Earth, and helping them to make three-up whores of our very finest girls, turning their sleepy bedrooms into green-sperm brothels!

Seriously though ... if you're having any difficulty, instead of letting your heartrate rocket with all the fun of the fair, the din of the hounds goign apeshit (hypocrites - they puritanically prevent the girl from getting fucked and yet joyously rush and fuck the little guys themselves), the bangings of your gun, the holes penetrated, the gore and sperm flying everywhere, follow this simple TIP:

Pick up as many dogs as possible by the scruff of the neck (mouse click and hold), and drag them into a heap on one or other near corner of the room, so they are much easier to control. The nasty buggers can be difficult to drop, a bit like dogshit on a shoe, but persevere .... Once you have landed pretty much all of them in a big dogpile (no, not that sort of dogpile) - you'll have to shoot and repeat the click-n-drag on any that wake up and try to rush and mate our little pals - all you will need to do is be a watchdog over the watchdogs. Don't let any of them make a break for it, and break any more precious ET asses. Or you'll break the flow of alien victory.

Before very long, this method guarantees three-hole insemination success for the aliens, which also means (e)missions accomplished for you. At which point you see the "trophy gif" of the nude sleeping beauty getting banged left, right and center (or top, bottom and front bottom, to be more exact).

The method also means you will definitely lose a few green wannabe-impregnators to start with, until you've dumped the dogs where you can shoot them - the little green Neil Armstrongs of alien porn have to take one in the ass for the team. Don't worry about that. They are expendable. There's no "I" in "semen team". Keep calm and think 'gangbang soon'.

Great little early-generation game. Surprisingly rousing. But stay calm. We don't want anyone getting hurt. Not your heart. Nor any real girls. Or real dogs. Or unreal little alien crazyfuckers.

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MindChamber responds:

Haha thanks for a wonderfully thoughtful and well said review!

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3.93 / 5.00

Oct 3, 2003
12:57 AM EDT
Simulation - Dating
  • Daily 3rd Place October 4, 2003