Pube Muppet On The Bus

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JOIN TEH SEXYNESS~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update: Now includes parody of the SBCv2 Credits!

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BBBBBBBBBBBB. sorry i can't stop.

Pube muppet needs to have his pubes ripped out

Wow you made a video with Paint, how original. You clearly have no talent. It seems as if muppets covered in pubes is a fetish to you. My sister can make a better flash video, and shes 4. Anyone with an IQ of 10 can cut, copy, and paste random things onto one page and call it a flash video. If you want to make this better, (if thats possible) Rip out your own pubes if you got any, or maybe your moms, then scan them and stuff that into your flash thing. And as for the vocals, it sounds like you had too much dick down your throat last night that you couldnt speak. learn to talk and to turn on a computer and you might be sucessfull.

StrawberryClockV2 responds:

Flash by Im_your_papi:
- none -

Oh my god i want to cum all over you tonight!

Lets play shitty cake tonight, remember? It's where i shit in your asshole, and you shit back into my asshole, and we see how many times we can do that? Anyways I ate a lot of burritos to day to blow some gas in your tight asshole tonight. Bring your toys!

Everyone loves the Pube Muppet!

This is extremely funny. Pubey can't go onto the bus because of the stupid driver. The credits were extremely funny. Great job!


AAAHAHAHAHAh niiiiice!!!!! so funny!!! pube muppet!!!!! ahahahahahaha!!! hee hee hee... phew... so anyway, yeah that was tres been! very funny, with great innuendo, and great style. my full five r belong to this!!!... whatever that means....