Mario vs Jesus - Preview

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Preview of my upcoming animation.

check my website : http://skitsdomain.co.uk for exclusive pics


Cool can't wait to see the finished product

So finish it soon ... please?


ya, ..I agree gonads_and_strife83.
It's peoples misunderstanding of how a handfull of people translated and changed what was said and happened..that lead to what mass hystaria there is now about 'jesus'.
and why does jesus only have one eye?!
heh, it's kinda funny though, cause this in a way already happened..like, You know, Jesus was trying to tell everyone we are all gods, and we can all live forever..and then jews killed him..and now..mario killed him, but mario is italian..so..I guess it's the roman chatholics turn to kill jesus? it's stupid, ..
I hate you..
cause you're one of thoes 'superkids' who has all of lifes religion and lifes problems figured out,..unless asked about it, you should blow chunks of your own head into a bowl of fruit so something nice will be there..
The animation isn't even an animation, it's a preview, for his website.....


biased much? im so sick of people and tey way they view this. the fault is not Jesus ok? its peoples fault. its their perception of things. I think Jesus would slap the shit out of most of these "religious" folks. And i agree this does have no taste.

Atheists Unite!

That was great!
I just didnt vote ir higher cause it was real short. Mario kicks Jesus ass!!

looks like your tryin to do rotmk with jesus

not that orginal, try somthin different

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Oct 1, 2003
12:26 PM EDT
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