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This flash movie is all about allpro and his toys.
I tried to make allpro show us his precious toys and all that, I think I did pretty good actually.
We'll see about that.
I can't find back who is the author of the music in my movie, I just know I found it on flashkit.com (as usual).
Oh, and YEAH, I say the OMFG thing.

Hope you all like it ! :)


need more work

too short, need better jokes & needs more time put into it.

alexsmolik responds:

Hey !
Yeah I know, this is one of my first flash movies. I didn't know much about flash back then. It's more of a private joke actually, when NG was still back a rather small community and I knew a lot of people. And yeah, it really needs more time. Less than 4 hours were needed to make this =/

Thanks for the review.

To short

IT was very funny i liked it but it was to short but very good please make it longer next time thanks agian

alexsmolik responds:

Thanks, glad you liked it.
It is indeed short, yet funny, because it was one of my firsts. I think I'm making some better work nowadays. And yeah, I'm looking forward of making better stuff, longer.
Thanks for the review.


Is this movie full of inside jokes or is it just totally random ? Either way, I kinda liked it. The graphics, animation and sound were pretty good. I would have liked it more if it would have lasted longer though !

alexsmolik responds:

This movie is full of both. Inside jokes and random. It's some sort of weird mix. Yeah, it is pretty short. I just didn't know how to animate at that time. God was I a flas noob ... :)
Thanks for the review.

hehe, more inside jokes

which, I might add, are the best kind of jokes :P

alexsmolik responds:

That one was the weirdest of them all. As weird as allpro is. Hehe. Anyways, it's some sort of tribute to him. He's a cool weirdy guy. I love him <3
Thanks for the review.

Well, that was...wierd

Well tha was pretty random (which I like) I don't really know who allpro is so to me, stuff...just happened. It was rather funny though
lol, i'm still laughing at the nonsense.

alexsmolik responds:

Nonsense is good. And fun, as you just said. Hehe, allpro is just a regular user, a veteran from NG if you will. I don't know why I did this movie. I think it was because he had bought that Unicron toy or something ... Oh well.
Thanks for the review.

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3.77 / 5.00

Sep 30, 2003
2:36 PM EDT
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