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I really like all your movies

Sadly, AssHoles like legolasplus are dick heads because they have never spent a week making 2 minutes on a movie like this... Listen Legolas.. Do you even realize how fucking hard it is to make a movie like that.. Oh but im sure you dont even care... These flashes are so hard it would take a retard like you 6 years to make 4 seconds on a film like this... So next time you decide to go and mouth off to someone like mighty_strike check his level and then check urs.. now you see the difference you fucking noob...

guess why you got all tens...

because i was looking at all the reviews of that noob *btown1221* and of all of the responses that people gave him (he blams everything) yours was by far the funniest. if i had my way, users like btown1221 should b booted off of newgrounds. you should make a flash about how gay he is.

Static responds:

Thanxs I hope we become good friends



Technically that was better I guess.......

Um, I've done some claymation, which is pretty similar to your idea here, and I used like 10 fps at least. ...................

Static responds:

Ok JASON I do not c any flashes buy U!LOLOLOLOLOL!


this is fuckin wack but i was watching these flashes from 3 to 1 hahahaha ya but that don't matter u need to add a plot and put some music by orgy or linkin park on thats the only way to save the rest of the videos....no im just shiten ya justin it would be a good idea to do that. it was a good video i like to see more of them and stuff hehehehehe toast c ya.hahahahahaha.

Static responds:


ok then....

Your general movie thing is overall good, but it lacks sound effects, and mainly it lacks A STORY-LINE.I mean the flash itself is good, but without a story its just a bunch of...whatever the hell those things were, beating on each other. Now I'm not saying I dont enjoy watching a bunch of "things" beat each other but it was to short to be entertaining in that way. So I would suggest making your next movie like this longer and have no story; just a bunch of "things" beating the crap out of each other, OR a have a story. Or both, Longer and Story...

Static responds:

Lol the story is pointless fighting!

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3.61 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2003
3:09 PM EDT
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