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As an experiment, I began making a "flashtoon" to see how I measure up.

UPDATE: If you had seen it already, I just now fixed the looping problem.

This cartoon is not based on anything more than drawing conclusions too quickly (I suppose, in some way).

Now, I understand that the ball coming out of nowhere may confuse some. Also, the fact that the rock basically dives off the cliff pokes fun at the expectation that the rock would stay balanced.
It did not.

Just an experiment with an old gag. I hope you enjoy. Give fair ratings and visit my site at www.angelfire.com/games2/gauphastusman.


Decent short

This is a fun, random short!
It's definately not a bad short, it's simple, there's some nice lookin violence, and there was nothing that jumped out which immediately made me think that it sucked.
Everyone gets average marks.
It's kind of encouraging for a first flash to make it into Newgrounds, I hope you continue to make stuff.
Ideally, it should be a bit longer... and with more of a storyline.
It's alright, 3/5 worthy.

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((( LOL )))

Cool, good rock thingie, i like the text window adnits big text its good to finally read the text of a flash movie, anyways funny flash...



I thought that was pretty damn funny. The huge rock was unexpected after the little one, and I got a good chuckle from the expression on the guys face. For a first submission, I'd say this was pretty good. Better than some of the other crap you see on here sometimes, at least. Keep up the good work, I'm looking foreward to future submissions.

Also, what kind of sandwich was that?

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good little laugh, short and to the point, nice job,heck i'll raise your score for that;)


the guy doesnt get to eat his sandwich :( you should made him say something on 8 bit theater like.... hmmm the faggets alminac didnt say anything about a total eclipse of the BLAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Gauphastus responds:

That would have been pretty funny actually. Unfortunately, I don't favor taking gags from such sources.

-- but maybe I'll make an alternate ending or something if I'm bored.
Thanks for the fair review.

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2.75 / 5.00

Sep 27, 2003
3:33 AM EDT
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