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NG Hates Pube Muppet

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Nov 14 2003
.:Movie Commentary:.
roffel, shut up! :p


PM sucks

10 for the PM bashing.


thank you strawberry clock for saving me!
PM should burn in hell.

Ghandman's right

If ppl hate Pm so much, then why are there so many flashes about him?

ha ha

if pube puppet sucks so much then why is there not only double the amount of pube muppet movies and only two or three anti pube puppet movies as said before those who don't have enough maturity to understand its humor will blam it probbably cuz u and the rest of the homosexual community of anti pube puppetism are mad cuz he gives u ensemble of fags a bad name so get over your own flamboent homoseuality and accept us for joking about it.
i mean for god's sake the main header in ur anti PM outfit is sum fag called zelinko who has nothing better to do than blam flash movies when he cant even make one and the rest of your group is the same way and most dont even make any movies themselves but think there in a valid postion to review flash animations u and all the anti pube puppet community need to get a little thing called a life and remove yourselfs from ur slowly molding chair youv'ed lived in for a couple of years and go outside.

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Pube Muppet rules.

I'm sick of people bitching about Pube Muppet. Pube Muppet is awesome.

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3.15 / 5.00

Sep 26, 2003
11:07 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody