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Save The Blobs (Level 6)

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Author Comments

Level 6 is here at last!

Thanks to everyone who has been reviewing levels 1-5. I hope you enjoy this new level too.

Explore the Maze hotel, and, as usual, rescue the 5 blobs. Mind the traps though!

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Solid game with tons of content keep up the good work

Another great level! You could call these episodes or something seeing how long they are. This one is probably the best of the series too, a good finalé to an otherwise simple and entertaining game. It was fun! Keep it going!


good one

i thought i reviewed this one too...... oh well
this 6th level was by far the best and had the best challenge to it. the time limit was also quite generous as well considering how much leg work you have to do. the swinging spike balls were insane, but added to the fun and hidden teleporters, pool and gas leak were all nice extra touches. i really wish that there was a Save The Blobs 7, but oh well, i still enjoy the 6 that are here.

i am lost...maybe stupid

I love this games from 1-5.however I must have lost some brain cells in the process and have no clue as to how i can get a passcard to activate the elevator-it is driving me mad - could someone please help me out.


Well I forgot how to beat this:( I was going to show my friend how to play this, but I forgot how to pass it. But like always, you made a great game, but goddamnit make 10 to 20 levels, like most games! Then link them togther and seel it to a Playstation Company, or some other gamming compaynies. Make some dough, while your customers have a great time! I know I would but it, that is, if you made at LEAST 10 levels. Iknow I got 50 favorites right now, but you make more levels, I'll delete one, and add one of yours! SO MAKE MORE, PLEASE!!! Oh and if you leave a note, please make it a nice one, I don't need other people bitching at me, my life is shity enogh. Well I think that is all I have to say, bye. Oh and my name is Chris(for your note, if you give me one.)