nervous children PT.2

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here it is!!! finally! the first ever full episode of nervoyus children!!! watch as tod faces his biggest fear face to face. and keep a look out for more episodes by me!


Bad trips

Man I've had bad trips that weren't that freaky. You gotta gimme some of what you been usin.


MM im in the mood for a BBQ now...
Maby add sum jazz or sumthin, sides that its all good.


i liked it but could of used some better misic


That was very cool. Great graphics, and awesome sounds. I liked this very much. Better than the first. Excellent work. Keep it up!

What the

Ok, the character is ugly/creepy looking. He's got issues for turning into some funky bat thing. He looks like he has a hole instead of a nose and he sets bunny on fire...do I hear...maker has some problems to settle?

matman86 responds:

well actually i am obsessive compulsive. do youknow what such a word means? well it means that random thoughts enter into my head with out warning or any relation to anything i think or do. and maybe this character was suppossed to reflect who i am in a strage sense. do you have an issue with people expressing them selves? do you have a roblem with people whom have disorders? sounds like it to me you uptight bitch! oh and by the way this is much better than anything you've ever even thouhgt of doing. i happened to talk to you and you've not once touched a god damn flash program@! so get a life you snotty bitch!

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Sep 25, 2003
5:50 PM EDT
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