nervous children EP.2

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this is an ok movie but it isnt finished yet, and after the screen goes blank durning the energy blast, it is over, sorry the music continues to play, it is a pain in the ass, but i dont have flash at home, i have it at school and i havent had time to adjust that yet, and no it isnt finished. i just want input on it, i know i need a preloader and i know i need a background and all of that stuff but if u have any other advise let me know. thanx.



that was pretty gay

yea it was gay

well well...

You really should've made a preloader before adding this to NG. About the movie, characters are nicely drawn, special effects like spells or what ever they are, suck. Music was good until the actual singing and the "real" song started, I mean that calm music would've suited this movie a lot better. About the plot... I had no fucking idea of what happened there. Some guys cast fireworks, one of them is always crying and what the hell was that big&white-headed thing? That made me laugh. And I already said this in one review of your movie... but I gotta say it again: Why the hell are bithcing to everyone who dares to make even the slighest complain about your movies?! Then you say they haven't done any flash. That doesn't mean they don't have the right to critisize one! You gotta easy up on people who review your movies, I mean at least they took the time to watch it!


man thats some sweet animation. did u draw that by ur self or have some one draw it for u cuz its sweet. but u still need to finish it when u finish it its gunna be kick man.


Hey that was pretty cool, but you need a preloader(im me if you want the Broken Uzi Preloader "evil dr jeckel") and some background, otherwise it fuckin rocks.

You listen to cool music

This "south fm" stuff really rocks. I'm tempted to buy am album now. (and who says the internet is just for stealing music)

You are getting better with each animation. Time to save up and get Flash for home use.

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2.91 / 5.00

Sep 24, 2003
11:17 PM EDT
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