Kirby Massacre

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not sure if the violence is mild or excessive, so ...meh

6th movie done, hopefully to get somewhere.

Hope you like it.
The music is Double Crossed by Mnemic.

Enjoy the movie.



haha nice variety of Kirbys and the sword was ultimate.

Dark-Homsar responds:

I was proud with the sword's too :)

wat a large file

i hate large files

Dark-Homsar responds:

tough shit, to make good movies you need quite a fair amount of space


you have shown us the true nature of kirby!

Dark-Homsar responds:

I don't think Nature and high tech armour with powerful swords link, do you ? lol

thanks for the positive mark

En 2 Shabbee

Now Homie, you know I'm not keen on senseless violence, but this was good.

The Good:
Ice Kirby
Graphics on the main character after the first transformation
Grim Reaper with Kir stuck somewhere in his name
The part where he tapped one of them with the sword and he landed on the other losers

The Bad:
The soundtrack. That was just a racket, and a loud racket at that.
The concept - senseless violence is one of the worst concepts ever. You tried and I know it's your fave style, but I just don't understand how it's good.
The ending - I know I told you that you should bring him back to life, but that ending made no real sense.

Graphics: 9
Excellent work on the main character. I notice you gave him your favorite intense teeth ;)

Sound: 2
Like I said, that was just a racket

Interactivity: 5
I give it 5 because there was no interactivity because it wasn't needed. Nothing good or bad about that.

Style: 3
Looking back, I was generous here. It's just mindless violence, it just doesn't make sense to watch really.

Violence: 10
If you're going to do mindless violence, you might as well do it perfectly. So many cool bits were included here, including Kirby spinning round in circles to kill a bunch of them, and him pushing one into a bunch of others.

Humour: 10
I'm not sure if this was intentional, but the fact you included Chokirbo should get you 17 points for humour ;)

Overall: 7
Nothing really special, but a great effort. If you're going to take perhaps the worst concept imaginable and combine it with a crap soundtrack and a pink ball, you might as well do it like that. Perfect execution, but minus 1 point for soundtrack and 2 for the fact that it was just mindless.

The Eeeevil Overlord (Dark_Homsar's Groupie)

Dark-Homsar responds:

Blame Lawrence he recommended me the music :P

Good lord, that was awesome.

Make more!

Dark-Homsar responds:

No, I won't make more, I'll just leave newgrounds forever and betray all those who liked my work.

lol j/k thanks.

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3.26 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2003
2:04 PM EDT