Kirby Massacre

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not sure if the violence is mild or excessive, so ...meh

6th movie done, hopefully to get somewhere.

Hope you like it.
The music is Double Crossed by Mnemic.

Enjoy the movie.


Belongs in the Kirby section

That puts Kirby in a whole new light.

Nice piece of work

I make sure to see every Kirby flash on Newgrounds (as well as the multitude of great non-Kirby flashes), and I'd have to say that this one has alot of promise. At the beginning Kirby didn't look too good (mostly the pointy feet), but as the action kicked off I could see this would be an awesome brawl.

The graphics were a bit sketchy, but I like how much effort went into character detail. I don't think I've seen that many different Kirbies in a flash movie before, and the ending was pretty cool. This movie could be better (gut-wrenching music is good for a fight scene, but that one was a bit too extreme), but it's already quite good.

I see alot of promise in this movie (especially if you plan to make a sequel), and I can also see you have all the skills to make a flash worthy of the top 50. Keep on rocking, and thanks for showing us just how sadistic and bloodthirsty a cute, innocent, ball of pink loveliness can be. :)

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Pretty damn good

This is a good flash--your animation was great, and I liked the way you slipped in Jesus from the "Madness" series. However there are a few things that keep it from being worthy of a 5. First of all, it takes too long to load, and I even have dsl (I cant imagine how long it takes you 56K people to download this <shudders>). Second, the violence is most definitely NOT "excessive." The way you can tell is by the fact that there's almost no blood. Make it so that there is more blood. A LOT MORE (you've obviously seen the "Madness" flashes; try something like that). Another thing that would make it better is if you gave a reason for Kirby going all psycho, and it would be best if it was a funny reason, like someone stole his food, so he kills everyone in sight to get it back (just an idea, dont care if you use it or not). Remember, all of these suggestions are just based on my opinion. Overall, good Job man (I gave it a 4). I hope to see this improved.

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that sucked

thatz all i wanna say i don't wanna waste anymore time with this POS

Dark-Homsar responds:

i bet you wasted 0 time, cause you just wanted to get a vote in

I loved it, simply AMAZING!

Great movie here. Violent, benevolent, and with a fury and passion that burns fervently. Kirbies Kirbies everywhere and all of which to kill :D I LOVE it! The only problem with this movie (and it can't be helped) is that Kirby isn't well... very popular. But swords are! And this movie has swords! I love Kirby, and not just for his cuteness. If you make a second version of this, you ought to make some inhaling action. I can see it now... Kirby inhales an ultima weapon and becomes the um... ultima kirby... yeah, that wasn't such a good idea conisidering you'd never be able to tell who the good guy is. Great movie and nice artwork.

Dark-Homsar responds:

I agree with eveyrhting you said :P

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3.26 / 5.00

Sep 21, 2003
2:04 PM EDT