The Suicide Bomber

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I'm trying a new twist with this one. Sometimes good advice is not executed well. You advise the cop what to do but he may not do it the way you think he should do it. This makes the game harder to win but I hope fun in the process.


finsih the fucken movie

wtf is wronge with you.
Finish the movie before sending it in.
maybe your trying to use something someone said but I don't give a shit post it on your sit eor something if you want people to give you opions don't make a movie half finished and post it.

even know it was good it's not finised.
dude and I was playing it for over an hour.
cause I THought it was me.

It wasn't a bomb, it was a load of dynamite

This movie was dynamite stuff! (please don't kill me...)

Dangit, I hate bait-and-switch!

Man, I was loving this until I realized that there was no way to win, and that it auto-linked to the creator's Website! Mr. Gibson, you won't win any friends here for that kind of tactic, and I docked you a lot of points for it. Your work is great stuff - but cut out the link crap and give us a chance to win the game!


This is a very unique movie. I appreciate the fact that you used sound for dialogue instead of the typical Portal submissions that only use subtitles. The graphics were good, but I judge graphics hard since I like to see realistic stuff. I never did finish the movie, it was complicated to me, so I gave up. Overall, an excellent Portal submission.


I didnt finish all of it, but the graphics were awesome, and the sound was great! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK.

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3.88 / 5.00

Feb 23, 2001
1:37 PM EST