Warcraft 2: Peon Bond

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"My name is Bond, Peon Bond."

This movie is a spoof of the James Bond movies and Warcraft 2. I was inspirated to make this movie after reviewing a raw animated gif file which is over 5 years old. I don't know who made it, if I did I would give credit to the original idea. Enjoy!


Brings back memories

Ha, I remember playing this... then I lost it, spent a year looking for it, and then bought Warcraft III. The graphics suck, but that's Blizzard's fault. This is funny.

Loved It

Man this is awesome, and it makes me miss Warcraft 2 so much. I'd rather play WC2 then WC3 to be honest, WC3 is alot harder and it revolves around heros (which the computer seems to have mastery of, even on easy mode). The lag is another issue, I don't recall WC2 ever lagging as bad as WC3 does (both online and offline). But anyway, that's sorta off-topic. Awesome flash! =3

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hahhahahah great!!! that was so funny when the footman guy was saying "join the army they said, see the world they said, id rather be sailing" that was great!! I have warcraft 2 warcraft 3 roc and frozen throne. I love Frozen throne and i play that all the time. Very good job make more and i will vote 5 every day day!!

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haha funny as hell

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Warcraft Rules! Daboo!

A favorite games, a favorite movie series, a great somg, A DANCING PEON! What else COULD you ask for?

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4.43 / 5.00

Sep 19, 2003
2:16 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody