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StrawberryClock teaches foreigners how to speak properly.

Oh yeah. At certain points in the movie, you can press one of the keys on the keyboard to get Easter eggs (I bet you can't guess which key ;)).

Update - 9/19/03: Holy sheep turds in a dirty diaper. What popularity!!! I've added a thing to the preloader that says "The critics are raving...", and you can read some of the reviews you great people have left for me. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Future Me: The great King of the Portal stars in the king of everything I ever made. This was even on the front page once.


best clock movie ever!

i loved it. good job and a good original idea. this is added to my faves for sure

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Davidus responds:

Oooh! Thank you! I am quite honored!


Hilarious!! I love it!! B!


Davidus responds:

Thanks a lot. I like people named Adam. I've only had two best friends in the 16.5 years I've been alive, and they were both named Adam. XD

preach on, brother mightydein.

i helped him with learn how to be clocky, but only a little, i made the clock movie clip.

is SBC friggin' paralyzed in yer movie?
just because we didn't know what rosa was saying, doesen't mean it's a pile of shit.
i mean, if you want shit, watch my movies.
i mean this is just fucking boring.
a little bit of expression in the clock, and it would be a lot funnier, but in your impotent hands, i still doubt it.

Davidus responds:

Well, the 2,033 viewers that got it to 3.26 can't be wrong.

I made a better movie than this.

I made a movie with the same sound clip and the animation was better meaning that it was actually animated.

I love the hilarous sound clip but i don't like the bland character designs and even more boring animation.

My movie was called learn how to be clocky and it predated your movie.

I'am not impressed at all. You really could have had strawberry clock interact with the humans.

None of this via satelite crap because how can starwberry clock shoot and punch his students?!

The link to learn how to be clocky is below.


Davidus responds:

Your movie sucked. I watched it. It's one of the reasons I made this movie. You can't draw for shit, StrawberryClock was poorly animated, and half the time, the captions were "????" because you didn't know what they were saying.


'Nuff Said.

Davidus responds:

B, biotch.

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3.10 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2003
9:54 PM EDT