Foamy Fan Mail 3

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NO MORE MAIL! illwillpress.com
(This episode is part of the massive Foamy HD project I've started where I'm trying to re-encode more than 300 Foamy videos to be 1080p HD. Starting with the very first episode from 2003. If an older Foamy video is no longer on NG, it will be posted, if it's still on NG, it will be updated to full HD) Apologies in advance for posting so many updates in such a short period of time, but I have 15 years of material I'd like people to have access to once again.


I am glad

I am really glad that you will no longer doing the fomay fan mail. after the frist one it went downhill anyway. bland unfunny stuff mixed with people who want thier shit read in a cartoon = really unfunny- should have been blammed crap. I do like most of your work but others it seems you put no effort. See you should do a second part to that one where she was standing in line at the post office and that guy got beat up with the FBI. now that was funny.

((( OMG )))

Omg foamy does it one last time, god you are one of my favorites, and dont listen to the ones who fear your awards and artwork, this reviewer loves all your work its awsome stuff, this gets my 5, and my 10's, great job on this episode but dont ened its so damn good i need more even if they are kinda the same but still i love em...



Good Job

I enjoyed the last few cartoons and have to say this one wasnt a dissapointment. It was kinda hard to hear foamy (like usualy) but it makes it funnier

So cute so funny so angry

That says it all for Foamy. I love this series and this is one of the funnier ones! Why no more mail? Can't he see that he's cool and gets fans? Can't wait for the netx one dude, the animation and humor are always good! I wish you'd include some of your "cy records" characters or do a separat series but hey I can't really complain with Neurotically Yours. Foamy Rules!

Dear Foamy

Foamy, I bet if you had some pot, you would be a lot more chilled out. I don't know what kinda little squirell food your eating, but I think its going to your head. You shouldn't be using germaine's computer anyways, she said she's gonna kick your ass the next time she see's you using it.

I'm sure you can find a nice little pot field somewhere, and when you do, you can send me some care of,

G.W. Bush blah blah blah

Your helpless minion


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3.89 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2003
4:20 PM EDT
Comedy - Original