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This movie has been updated to my new site's version

After all the hard work, this is my masterpiece. (Well, it's no longer a masterpiece compared to DE_aztec :P )

Note: This is my second CS flash on NG!


its was ok

could of been better but hey,,its better than i can do..good job...

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Not bad,but not great either:)

I know I don't play CS, and i'm glad.

I would probably end up getting addicted like y'all do, and go stir crazy trying to WIN imaginary battles with dozens of outcomes.

Don't get me wrong: CS is kick arse, but after playing TFC from about early 2000 till' late 2001, I got a bit tired of these FPS's so-called great multiplayer gaming experiences.

I know play online only games most of the time that I play online commercial stuff, and even then I try to limit myself to a couple hours.

I figure, if I play a level about 5 or so times i've played it completely, and there is no sense playing it all over again and wasting time, kind of like how those The SIMS Freaks do:P.

I currently play Earth&Beyond, but someday, when I get the time, I might tey Star Wars:Galaxies a bit.

Hope I don't have to go to multiplayer rehab again:).

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
Wonders how many NRA wannabes there really are out there, and how many are mentally fit for such a membership.


Ok wtf was that all about i guess the stick men were good but whats with the flips and throwing nives?? + when the bullets hit each other thats not right...

not bad

altough too funny for a serious animation (which isnt bad though) the spining effect was too choppy though. sure with complex enviroments like that it would be harder. if you speed up the camera change intervals though you may get a smoother effect.

It was ok but

Yes we all know how amazing the matrix WAS, its been done before, get a grip and let go of all this slow-mo mid-jump crap. ITS OVER

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4.18 / 5.00

Sep 17, 2003
10:46 AM EDT