Executive Shootout 3

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I made this a year ago. I lost interest for a bit and now returning to it I can see how bad my programming skills were then and I've improved my drawing a bit too. So basically I couldn't be fucked finishing this now. Instead I'll release this as part 1 of Executive Shootout 3 and make part 2 with new graphics and a new engine to make it the best FPS I can. For now enjoy this installment. While a bit old it's still tons of fun and a more than competent shooter. Get ready to kill!



Not bad. Two problems.
The first is pretty obvious - the graphics. I see no reason to go into it, but they could simply be better.
The second, and far worse, is that aiming at guys on the very edge of your screen can be...well...a problem. More often than not I find myself moving the mouse back and forth, hoping I end up shooting the bad guy at some point and not clicking out of the window. Points like that sorta suck all the fun out of the game.

The music was a good choice though.

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good, but......

kinda fun, u could put some more interactivity in to it, alot more graphics, and ease off the linkin park songs.

i give dis flash a 5

In level 3 where the soldiers are when rou turn right by the door they fuck up your health so fast. You have no time to shoot them until your health is below 20. This is a good game though, keep it up........... or else!

It was alrite.

Not the best game in the world. I noticed that some of the guys were harder to shoot. Graphics weren't the greatest either, but good job, and keep up the good work.

not long enough

just when you think its getting started. but it was still good

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3.53 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2003
9:24 PM EDT
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