Executive Shootout 3

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I made this a year ago. I lost interest for a bit and now returning to it I can see how bad my programming skills were then and I've improved my drawing a bit too. So basically I couldn't be fucked finishing this now. Instead I'll release this as part 1 of Executive Shootout 3 and make part 2 with new graphics and a new engine to make it the best FPS I can. For now enjoy this installment. While a bit old it's still tons of fun and a more than competent shooter. Get ready to kill!


the sounds of shooting from half-life and.........

the sounds of men goin oh ya hu dying were too! YOUR A LINKIN PARK FAN YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

great game

and if you raise the graphic level you could make a great movie


if i wanted to play a shitty version of DOOM, this is where i would go

Pretty good...

If the graphics were better, this would be #1. I like the appearance of the main character (cloak, shotgun).

VERY good sound selection, but the one from the original Executive Shootout was better.

Interactivity was not so bad, you point and shoot. Also you can pick up items.

Style, it's a sequel, no style. Originatily counts :)


Humor! Blowing the solders up resulted in 'MEDIC!'

Vote: A big fat 5 for your vote rating. 1.80 vote multiplication for you. Yay. (That means I voted an 8!)

BTW, about the M rating, there is the mater of "MOTHERFUCKIN NIGGA" said in the songs. Dunno if you would count that.

Hints n Tips

Level 1: NEVER EVER use the double shotgun, unless your aim sucks so bad. Its reload is slower than a glacier. The normal shotgun is your best friend, apparently it's an automatic and only needs to be pumped every 8 rounds. For the shotgun guards, just shoot the head. OR, if your aim sucks then, use the double shotgun, switch to shotgun, switch to double shotgun, that lets it reload WAY quicker.

Boss 1: DOUBLE SHOTGUN. Fire, crouch, wait for guns to stop shooting, fire, rinse lather repeat.

Level 2: I got ownaged. Sorry, no help here, besides that soldiers take 3 hits to the chest and 2 to the head with the normal shotgun. You've got an automatic, so nothing to worry about. Besides their miniguns.

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3.53 / 5.00

Sep 13, 2003
9:24 PM EDT
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