September 13, 2003 –
October 16, 2018
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Help Bush Lay The Smack Down On Chirac's Cheese-Eating Ass


Pretty cruddy.

It's really nothing but a guy punching Bush over and over saying random things from the Holy Grail. The guy doesn't even look like Bush. I really should stop looking at your movies, but they're kinda addictive.


not as good as your other ones, and the french guy had phases from the french person in "monthey pithon and the holy grale"


I like your idea of Bush beating the crap out of those Canadian (or French, I'm really ignorant) sissys, but you have some work to do.

First off, I couldn't really tell who was who until the final "Bush wins" thing. Bush really doesn't have light brown hair. At first, I mistook the guy on the left for Bush. I like the Texas-style Bush (as I'm from Texas), but make it a bit more realistic.

Second, as you progress punching him, make them more gorey. The first punch shouldn't look the same as the last punch. At least his head fell off at the end. Make the guy's face more bloody and stuff.

Third, actually use quotes that they said. I like Monty Python as much as the next person, but it would be a lot funnier if it was something he actually said.

that was tottally lame...


A (very) slight improvement.

Still poop, even if it isn't a full blam.
I may have voted for the shrub in 2000, but....
Kerry for Prez. Seriously.
And Chirac for BLAM.

you sucks man

thx for this fucking flash, who was very crappy

PS : I don't like chirac but i hate bush this dumbass ... KERRY PRESIDENT

Ignorant Ignorant

The game was ok but these people's reveiws.... It was a clip from John Cleese on Monty Python. Don't get so gawd-damn worked up. It was just a game! This one was accually good compared to his other immature shit.

he love shock

you make me so angry the flash was ok
but the stuff you say are ignorant it is a fact that in the united states people dont see much beyond their country and it is really hard to talk to them becouse they think theyre the example for the world wich we laugh at them. becouse that is not true. and the fact is that technoligicly you are 10 years behind and i think that you follow you president to much the fact is he is not a smart man. he has a average edcatian and that is not good for a world continent
and the stuff about hiding in your basemant for terrorist made me laugh the most, with that you prove you really are ignorent so i agree with wolvie you dumbass


why the fuck is it that you praise violence in series like madness but when there is an actual war, then you start blaming the people who ran it. what would have happened if Bush hadn't started this war? we would be hiding in our basements hiding from all of the terrorists.

<deleted> responds:

Dude u are such a dumb-ass.
Bush beats Chirac!!! What a retard u r!


only thing noteworthy has the Holy grail qoutes

I liked it

Yea the french do suck ass... i love the monty python and the john wayne voices. funny.

read my profile asshole !

it says: yes i'm french.
'nuff said.
ps: BLAM !

<deleted> responds:

Awww poor little froggy. Did him get his wttle felling hurt? Awwwww.


Seriously man, what are you trying to say by making Bush shit all over Shirac in a fight? They're both pretty fucked up, but Bush is far worse. He is an absolute cretin. Have you even heard him speak before? He didnt even become elected legally. The whole thing was set up by his family in florida.
If your trying to be pariotic then I'd go about it some other way, cause right now your conforming to the egotistical American image that the rest of the world hates.

Not cool.

Oh, and also, the search for the holy grail is a phresh movie. 1 point.

no matter what anyone says...

all the stuff you've made has always been cool.
but however, this seemed kinda evil, specially since the guy who saved chirac lives in my town. however, this was still funny and i'd like to congratulate you on another job well done!!

<deleted> responds:

Thanks man! I try u know.


This is weak. I mean really.

I fart in your general direction!

The death scene was kinda lame. And maybe Chirac should hit back sometimes. But whatever, i reminds me of those Joe Cartoon movies where things die.

cough.... cough....

huh... i guess we have more anti french sentament here, i am french canadian, but the movie doesnt realy bother me, every ones intitled to there own opinion

P.S and you guys wonder why so much of the world hates america. Not that i hate america, i guess i have mixed feeling about the U.S


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