short skate flic

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review said it should be little longer so here it is


pretty good

Ive seen alot of your movies and there good but... its skateboarding

you shud do a little rollerblading video or somthing


It's just like all of the skate movies I've seen, but this lands somewhere in the middle.
There's a good selection of tricks to view, and it's all fairly well drawn.
I think that it could have used a few bails though, and a little bit of music to go with it all.
Needs some sounds and a better background.


nice one, that was good MAKE MORE!

((( HMMMMMM )))

Hmmmm well it was cool, even if i have seen about a thousand of thease, the only thing was it was just a skate movie, it lacked in a few areas, like no color, no violence, no falls etc, not that those things make it better but it needs more atleast sone color and detail...


Why Bother?

Why bother making movies with stick figures anyway?
it looked really crappy, there was no sound and ot even a proper preloader..... dude, i advise you to go take an art course before you make your next flash
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1.64 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2003
6:33 PM EDT
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