Megaman 2: pt 1 Bubbleman

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I know, I know, "a megaman cartoon, sooo origional" im sorry there are so many of these on Newgrounds, and im sorry alot of you are going to pass over this because of it. but its pretty good i think.... so uh, watch it and enjoy....(have you noticed ive said enjoy in all my commentarys?)

Glad you guys liked it!

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I found this to be just okay. The animation doesn't hold up that well. It was still nice to see these familiar enemies. It had kind of a unique look to it. You have just done much better cartoons. We all have to start somewhere of course.

The music was pretty nice. Mega Man looked too small. The colors were pretty spot on. It was just odd seeing all the characters in this style. It's always nice to see a tribute to a much loved series.


The animation was alright, although many parts were simply like a slideshow, showing one slightly moving picture than going to the next, it was especially annoying during battle scenes

What the...

Well, a few things.
1) Megaman's hair doesn't stick out of his helmet.
2) You drew Megaman perhaps a little too... childishly. And Bubbleman doesn't have scales.
3) The battle was quite short.
4) Since when does Megaman use Windows Longhorn?


this is pretty good but could use some teaking here and there. for one, fix the music sync and don't stop the good music so abruptly. Also bubble man has a green fivers suit, he isn't a creature (in fact, he doesn't even have a mouth). Loved the 3D effect tho. this reminds me of another newgrounds movie in the sonic section, sonic mecha. overall 8/10 amd 4/5

i cant find the song >.<

this flash was REALLY good, but i want that song when Rockman Classics merges with Bubble shot, u wouldnt happen to still have it or rmember where u got it from right?

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3.76 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2003
5:56 PM EDT