Megaman 2: pt 1 Bubbleman

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I know, I know, "a megaman cartoon, sooo origional" im sorry there are so many of these on Newgrounds, and im sorry alot of you are going to pass over this because of it. but its pretty good i think.... so uh, watch it and enjoy....(have you noticed ive said enjoy in all my commentarys?)

Glad you guys liked it!


SolidBluR Comment

I din't really like the drawing og megaman in the beginning, but that guy sure grows on you. Great effects, like the lightning on mm when shooting, the way he jumps up levels before his first attack on bubbleman, or when his gun rotates in 3d. Very cool. The lenght...hm...I think the battle with the boss could have been longer, but otherwise, it was just..great.

Good, but short

Excellent artwork - its nice to see a NON sprite mega man flash that isnt really poor - my only minor complaint is that its VERY short - I look forward to further installments of this from you ^^

I likes...A LOT

Dude, your animation is very impressive on this piece. I love the lighting and shading effects you creatively implemented so nicely together. The "camera" angles were very well layed out too. It was funny watching Megaman turn electro-seafood into disfunctional sushi. It would've been cool if you used the "Bubbleman Funked Up OC remix" for the battle scenes. That would have fit this animation perfectly. But, the tracks you chose worked out well with the timing. You are definitely headed in the right direction. Awesome job!!

very nice

good to see a change instead of sprites. very well done.

and to the fucker who dissed you.

HEY curthansen WHO gives a FUCK if he spells wrong. everyone makes mistakes bitch. GO FUCK OFF AND PISS ON YOUR MOM BITCH. FUCK OFF NOW ASSHOLE

A nice change of pace from the usual sprite movies

You don't see to many hand-drawn Mega Man movies, only sprites. This was very well done. I look foward to your next one.

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3.65 / 5.00

Sep 10, 2003
5:56 PM EDT