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Robotnik vs. Bowser

rated 4.03 / 5 stars
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Sep 9, 2003 | 2:19 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Robotnik, Sonics enemy, and Bowser, Marios enemy, are on to fight until death!
- This flash also comes with extra endings and fights *Nintendo sidekicks*.
- A movie like intro and credits ala Disney.
- and Charakter bios of all apearing guys!

It's time to change, Sonic and Mario are tired, Robotnik and Bowser are on the STAGE!!




Rated 4 / 5 stars

I think Bagan plays too much Mario.

That was a pretty sweet movie. I was (and still am) a bit of a Sonic fan myself so I think Bowser would lose to Robotnik. I never really liked Mario but the part where Robotnik used "Cheesy Power Rangers Fake" was so funny. I just think the reviewer 3 below me plays a detrimental amount of Mario. I also like the use of Final Fantasy's music and the fact this isn't just another Sonic VS Mario movie, so I'll give you 8/10.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


very good, well made, nice to finally see some really good sprite flashes, yours all seem pretty nice... btw, for all those who want to know, the robotnik sprite is from a comic artist named Jen, not sure how he got it tho =P


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Dude where'd you get that Eggman sprite?

Great Idea by the way, Dr.R (Dr.E) VS K.Koopa (Dr.B)
I actually would have thought this to be a one sided fight seeing as no weapons or gadgets were go, but you actulally manages to pull that one off!
I mean, you got a Giant hellspawn Chinese dragon/reptile in a turtle shell vs an obese Japanese scientist with an unhealthy obsession for robot animals. Now im starting to think 'ol Buttnik will be perfect for SSBB on the WII! lol


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Cut. Print. Gay.

I was directed to this flash by a friend of mine, who said it had Bowser fighting Doctor Ivo Robotnik. Being the huge Bowser fan that I am, I thought it was worth looking at. Now, anyone intelligent can tell you that in a non-weapon/items/power-ups/help of any kind match, Bowser would cream ANYONE, especially since you were only allowed to use your natural abilities (those you were born with. Meaning not taught, a la Pokemon/DBZ/pretty much everything. Bowser was able to do everything he can today from birth.) Bowser turning into Giga Bowser would heighten his statistics and abilities by an insane amount, and would thus make him even stronger. Giga Bowser can't grow to the size of Godzilla. Also, Giga Bowser is roughly two or three times as big as you made him before he grew. Robotnik on the other hand has no real strength. In the Sonic games, sure, he has speed, but that's not strength. Bowser could stay in his shell the entire time and Robotnik wouldn't be able to do anything about it, as Bowser merely beat the snot out of him while within his shell. But enough about reality for now, let's get to the fight that took place itself.

Graphics: The backgrounds were impressive, but backgrounds aren't going to be worth squat if everything else is atrocious. Bowser keeps changing sprites before the battle, which lowers your score. You animated pretty badly as well, which lowers your score further. I hate to say this, but I've seen people whose first flash movies are, graphically, at least five times better than yours.

Style: Your style is pretty bad as well. I can't even THINK of how to describe it. So before I resort to using curse words, I'll go to the next subject.

Sound: Some of the sounds were overused. There was barely any change. I'm pretty sure there were only, like, five or seven sounds actually used, not including music. Other movies I've seen have many more (including first time submission flash movies).

Violence: The violence, first of all, takes a while to actually reach. Once you get there, it's hardly worth it. You used blood too much, and made the characters die too easy. Bowser being beheaded? Yeah, that's REAL believable. Just as believable as an Electric-type being able to beat a Ground type with Electric attacks *COUGHPOKEMONANIMECOUGH*.

Interactivity: Wow, you click stuff to make them go to the next part! That doesn't count in my eyes.

Humor: I asked my pal Mechagodzilla to read this flash movie's humor level, but he said numbers don't go that low. There was FAR too much swearing in this movie for my taste. How much cursing did this movie have, you ask? Pretty much at least one curse word EVERY OTHER SENTENCE. The potty jokes were lame too. People get over potty jokes after the age of seven (or in my case, three,) and if you didn't get over them yet, I ask "What's wrong with you?"

Endings: Zero beating a Godzilla-sized Giga Bowser? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH - no. Zero beating a giant robot of equal size? No. Zero cutting off Bowser's head? No. You underestimate Bowser, sir. I've already said how Giga Bowser is pretty much unmatched. And a mere robot beating him that easily and then killing him is, as Professor Farnsworth once said, "Bouldercrap." Donkey Kong and Yoshi was pretty much impossible too. And lastly, we have Satonic. He gets his own paragraph because of how much -BOULDERCRAP would work - he is.

Satonic: Sweet Cthulhu. What have we done to deserve this, this.. god modding, power gaming and totally fake piece of crap known as Satonic? I may be an invincible super monster infused with the cells of Godzilla and King Ghidorah, but I know trash when I see it. See, it's people like this that you JUST can't reason with. Because no matter what you say, they still think you're wrong. Let me educate you about Satonic via roleplay. Ahem: DURR, I R DA SATONIC! I HAS DA POWUHS DAT MAKES DA PEOPLES FALL DOWN! ROFLOL! Okay I'm done with Satonic. It pains me to say this, but I just don't see any way of saving this movie. No blam though.

Th-that's all, folks!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

shuper duper shw!eet

shweet movie! it's really funny, especially the "intermission"... but WHO is Satonic?