Robotnik vs. Bowser

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Robotnik, Sonics enemy, and Bowser, Marios enemy, are on to fight until death!
- This flash also comes with extra endings and fights *Nintendo sidekicks*.
- A movie like intro and credits ala Disney.
- and Charakter bios of all apearing guys!

It's time to change, Sonic and Mario are tired, Robotnik and Bowser are on the STAGE!!




This is a fight between two fat guys that I hate, but I was rooting for Robotnik 'cuz I hate that dumbass fatass turtle Bowser!!

just some things I'll go over about the cameos and something that went on:

Bowser can't transform into Gaga Bowser 'cuz Gaga Bowser is not a Mario character(look at his emblum. It's a smash emblem). Master Hand has created Gaga Bowser. They are two totaly different people (fatass turtles).

Bowser is way fatter than mario is (mario isn't all that fat unless you're obsessed with SMB3 witch is one of my least favorite Mario games). Use the more cooler Mario sprite from Super Mario World.

Yoshi doesn't hate or even dislike mario in any way. Mario and Donkey Kong Patched things up over the years too.

Eggman was however quite acurate in that toon, so I'll give you that.

It's not Peachy, it's Princess Peach, PRINCESS of the mushroom kingdom (atleast you didn't say MarioLand like some of the retards here). He is also the father of Bowser jr, and the Koopalings were killed off by Mario & Luigi. Another reason why he kidnaps Peach is that he's a rapest. He's also a bastard (child without a father..adult without a father I mean).

This was well animated and the fights were realy good! Just do some research before you do cameos on anyother Mario character (or just ask me. I'm a wiz at Super Mario relaited stuff!).

wasnt the best ive seen even though it was wikkid!

very long, which is good because its about the only one on newgrounds that doesnt loop over from just talking for the first show then fighting on the 2nd+3+4,ect which i liked but i think its a bit repetitive and steals fighting style off of the olden games like 'kung-fu' but it was origanal because ive never even thought about the idea of 2 enemys fighting and it kept me watching it so it had to be good!!! but i cant critizise too much as im still learning how to make flash!!!lol ;)

really good

lots of action lots of choices 2

some good shit man...

man I'm high right now... and I still think thiss is aswesome.... i gota admit... weed mekes flash movies a shit lot better seriosly!

Not entirely bad

Not bad but it is flawed.
Graphics-Good Graphics, I can see u used some good sprites and that Satonic sprite who Im guessing was a custom sprite. Many ppl b4 me have asked 'Who is Satonic' I mean Duh, Retarded, obviously he was made up kids.
Style-I don't think u put any thought into the fight scenes, you just put together some random moves to make it seem like a good fight, especially in round 2. Why was t here only 2 rounds that decided the actual fight. How can Eggman turn into some martial arts master. After all that is NOT his style, his style is robot making so I was expecting to see some mechanical based attacks but he just used his reagular fighting moves against BOWSER who by the way would crush Eggman.
Sound-A bit wierd with the power rangers music but that was OK. Nothing much wrong with the except I guess the music didnt really connect with the battle scenes well.
Violence-Maybe you didnt have to make them swear so much and you OVERused the head falling off gag so the violence lost effect. and you got the scaling wrong to a degree. I the Eggbot crushed Baby Bowser and it seemed like the Eggbot shrunk to fit in the street and he Bounced off Baby Bowser and he didn't die.
Interactivity-I only rate in games
Humor-Too much toilet humor messed it up. and the 1 liners sucked balls so get a new script writer.
Overall- alright

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4.03 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2003
2:19 PM EDT