Robotnik vs. Bowser

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Robotnik, Sonics enemy, and Bowser, Marios enemy, are on to fight until death!
- This flash also comes with extra endings and fights *Nintendo sidekicks*.
- A movie like intro and credits ala Disney.
- and Charakter bios of all apearing guys!

It's time to change, Sonic and Mario are tired, Robotnik and Bowser are on the STAGE!!




Whoes satonic??

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It could use a little improvement

It's nice to see a fight between Robotnik And Bowser, seeing as how Mario vs. Sonic is so common.The animation could use a some work though, it's pretty low quality, for instance, I can't even tell what happened in round 1 when Robotnik was kicking Bowser and Bowser was, slashing I think, like I said I couldn't tell what was going on, and why is Eggmans eggbot, rubbery?it's made of metal, Bowser shouldn't be able to bounce on it.The sound needs to be upgraded to, don't think I couldn't tell that was Warios' voice Robotnik was using, it doesn't suit him.The dialog could have been better too, I would expect a genius with an I.Q. of 300, to use proper grammer, and say something better than "I had enough" or "I'm gonna kill you for that comment" something like "I'll kill you for that!" would have been better, short sweet and to the point.Also, when has Bowser ever said Bub?I could go on, but I have to move on to Bowsers head, why is it green when he turns into Giga Bowser?It looks like he about to barf.He would look a Iot cooler and more threatening if his face wasn't green.I can't take him seriously while it is.It just doesn't look good, no it doesn't look good at all.There were some good points too.robotniks' eggbot looked genuinly cool, I like that the idea is so original, and I like how you can select a different ending right after watching 1, so you don't have to go through the entire scene to watch a different ending.I also like how there's an actual explaination as to why they're fighting, to the death no less.You don't get that very often.

Over all, I'd say that it was a good concept, but it simply wasn't high quality enough to be a good flash.it needed more polish, a lot more polish.I don't know how old this flash is, but compared to the stuff newgrounds gets today, I'd say this is about a 4 out of 10.A little below average.Sorry to "harsh your chill".

sonic rocks!

you heard me


wow that was funnet hahaha

Bowser won (H)

Ofcourse Gj making 2 endings!

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4.03 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2003
2:19 PM EDT