River City Ransom: TQFN

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Full name, River City Ransom: The Quest For Nirino.

-I'm so hyped about all of you liking this movie that I have started to make the second one now! I have also taken to thought what you have said in the reviews.

-Thanks for the good feedback guys, Man being under judgement is weird my score went from 3.32 to 3.40 all the way to 3.09 then to 3.01 then to 3.07 again WHATS GOING ON?!!!

Hi I have spent a lot of time on this, so please enjoy. Also try and leave a review of what you thought and how I could improve it.




Fuggin' Awesome

I cannot wait for the next one, it was too short, but thats only because it was soooo good.
Video game paradies are the best, I love sprites!

All of your base are belong to us!

TheGuyWhoShotBambi responds:

As I respond to this review I'm making the 2nd one. So far so good. Thanks for the brilliant review....'sept
"P.S. All of your base are belong to us!" WTF?!!!

Good Vg parody!

I never played the game River city ransom but this is still a kick ass movie.

I seen my little brother make sprite movies and i notice that they take a lot of work to make.

This was really funny and entertaining but there was one flaw it was too damn short i wanna see part 2 now!!

TheGuyWhoShotBambi responds:

A 9!!! Yey, now what did you write....
You have never played the NES Game River City Ransom :|..OMG! What else...Yes they do take a lot of work to make....too damn short hey, next one will be longer then. YOU WANNA SEE THE NEXT ONE :D...*Wipes tear from eye* To the Flash Station!!! *Runs into closet*
....Yeh I'm a prick, I know
Thanks for the review.

cute, very cute

kinda cute sprite movie here and very comical too. nice and colourful and generally pleasing to watch and hey - no file size can conquor me with my new humungous modem! muahahaha!

TheGuyWhoShotBambi responds:

Thanks for the review now take your NEW humungous modem to the back of the line, other ppl need to review this movie :D!!! Thx.

IT IS Nice man!

you deserve a BIG FAT FOUR!

TheGuyWhoShotBambi responds:

Thanks for that "BIG FAT FOUR" :D

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3.14 / 5.00

Sep 9, 2003
12:37 PM EDT