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River City Ransom: TQFN

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Full name, River City Ransom: The Quest For Nirino.

-I'm so hyped about all of you liking this movie that I have started to make the second one now! I have also taken to thought what you have said in the reviews.

-Thanks for the good feedback guys, Man being under judgement is weird my score went from 3.32 to 3.40 all the way to 3.09 then to 3.01 then to 3.07 again WHATS GOING ON?!!!

Hi I have spent a lot of time on this, so please enjoy. Also try and leave a review of what you thought and how I could improve it.

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It's very good...

...because I love River City Ransom, and the story is really good, and....Graphics a 10 because...well...it's RCR Sprites, and I watched Part 2, which really made the story better, Good Job, Make More!


There is a lot of flaws on here but it was more good then bad,the tweening really sucked and the megaman music always skipped was kind of annoying but the plot is pretty good and for some reason the fighting is funny as hell with the way Alex straight up owns those other guys,so the series is off at a good start,just need to work on the tweening and some other little things.

Just got by...

My bet is that this Just got by. It isnt an awfull flash and has a good plot, but sprite flashes are pretty boring. Its like watching Family guy on a gameboy. Its great, because its family guy but Nobody wants to watch it because its ona gameboy! It needs voices because, honesltly, Nobody Likes to read stuff. Yes...That is What our world has come to...Still It Has sound and it is as good as it gets when it comes to a flash without voices. It is Average, nothing Special but you put effort into it and it was appreciated enough to make it into the portal.

Good effort, Good plot, Nice job


Tell me music now!!!

It was an awesome movie but you must tell me where you got the music from Blaster Master!


The sounds, the music, and the sprites was perfect. Cant wait to the next one. But PLEASE respond to this review... WHERE DID YOU GET THE SPRITES!!! Thank you! Keep it up!!