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Be mature when rating this!
It is a movie of a man, having flashbacks to his birthday as a child.
This took alot of effort, so dont judge harshly.
*To make it load better, rewind it as soon as it starts.


nice but add some scenes

It's good, but maybe you could have more scenes from his childhood, then something really bad happening like a fire killing his parents and all the kids at his party. i think it would add to the effect of the movie. but good job :)

failed expectations.

Theme and style should add to the substance of an endeavor not be the entire content of a peice.While I am happy at least *someone* is beyond using childish antics as a gimmick, I can't help but feel let down by the skill of drawing and inco-hesiveness of the work. The music,while of high quality, was ripped from a popular artist so I feel little credit should be given for it. All in all I would appluad it as a first work,.. but I am mystified by why it is in the top five.

CrispShadow responds:

Let me ask what makes you think you are so special as to be able to critique someones work down to the bone. Im sorry that my artwork hasnt worked up to your standards of approval. I found Touched to be the most appropriate song, and everyone else seems to like it. I would just love to see you make a better movie, for obviously you missed the entire plot.

Good, but not enough...

Okay: A guy thinks about his past. Dandy. But that isn't really a movie. Y'know.

And... uh. What's with the big brown-stained sphinter he gazes across at the end?

nice nice!

So sexy, almost evil! Anyways u achieved the whole evoke emotion part, but why? Why do you have to make others sad! I'll sell you happiness for everything you own.


You are very good at creatin the background and all needed to make it sad. good flashbacks.

CrispShadow responds:

Thanks, I put alot of effort into it.
Im glad it made you sad, that was my
goal; to evoke emotion.

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2.65 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2001
5:47 PM EST