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Be mature when rating this!
It is a movie of a man, having flashbacks to his birthday as a child.
This took alot of effort, so dont judge harshly.
*To make it load better, rewind it as soon as it starts.


Keep em' comin

Dude, that was great...u r a genious...keep up the artwork and i gave sound a 10 because Vast can kick all yer asses any day. I'm not gonna be gay and flip a coin to see if you get a nine or an X cuz that uis gay...you get what you get...a damn good well deserved 9 for what obviously took a lot of work.


I was touched....
Few people actually do dramatic flash those that do normally fail... good work.

Check your song quality, 2mb for this? Whatever.

It was interesting. I enjoy the occasional departure from NG Sticks episodes and look-i-can-make-something-blee d games,
but since there weren't any big jpegs at all, or voiceovers, there was no reason at all for it to be so large.
I'm not gonna preach about how to do this and that, but cut the quality and you'll get more votes since the majority of
the world is still on dialup.


I've been trying to find out the name of that damn song for so long. Thanks. Your animation was really well done, but the storyline was lacking. Visually it was beautiful and the edits were great, but you need to work on story more.


Graphics and style received an 8, because your hand-drawn art must have been time-consuming, and it was very thought-provoking. Violence and interactivity receive a 5, because of the violent manner in which the flash (likely) grips the viewer, and allows them to relate, or create their own interaction by the provoking of any similar memories, be it even by their severity alone. Sound gets a 3 because only one sound file was used, taking up likely way too much space, when a simple repeating 'la-la' land could have been just as effective, and even more so if the interjection of sound-clips featuring perhaps mumbled recreations of those incidents, such as the woman crying, and perhaps you attempting to console her. Not too much funny about this, as humor was likely not the point. However, I'm going to rag on you for filesize, eccentuated by the recent overloading of the NG server, which I find clearly offensive, so the Coin of Fate shall decide between a well-derserved 5, or the just_as_well deserved X.

CrispShadow responds:

grow up

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Credits & Info

2.65 / 5.00

Feb 19, 2001
5:47 PM EST