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Ode To A Penis

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This is a movie I made (obviously). I submitted another version before, but it was extremely out of sync, and the preloader wasn't working. It was totally FUBAR.

After some tweaking, I present the final version of Ode To A Penis.



I haven't seen the original, but...

This one looks promising. The lip is still out of sync, but, hey, no entry is too "perfect." I gave a 9 for humor because it was hillarios. Penis song, heh, where did you get that idea from?



Infinik responds:

I r teh pwn

ur creative dude i give u that

it was cool u have a futre try harder next time but great flsh movie u should check out me and my friend's one's at lendary frog there kewl i helped that dude out when i thought he had a futre now u get big. it will make me look good. naw who am i kidding im hot i have to go play with my self now.

Infinik responds:

That's disgusting. I do NOT have a futre, it's just a vibrator. Good day to you.

It was ok...

Wuz a prttey good flash,but put in some interactivity ok?

Infinik responds:

I'm interested to know what kind of interactivity could be used on that movie...


If you want to have your movie sync'd with the sound, in the frame properties, go to the sound, and where the dropdown list says "Event" you set it to "Stream". Hopefully this helps you.

Infinik responds:

If only I hadn't deleted that .fla :(

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2.05 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2003
11:03 AM EDT
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