Sunday School 05

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Ms. Doyle goes to Hollywood to boycott a movie she accidentally showed to the class. While there, she learns the erotic act of the fetish.

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact #1: This episode makes fun of the movie "Ken Park". It is also bashing the director of the movie, Larry Clark.

Sunday School Episode Fun Fact #2: This episode also focuses on sexual experimentation, and how everyone has their own weird sexual preference.
Coincidentally, the ending of the episode focuses on how hypocritical people are towards sexual experimentation as well.


All 7's wOOt:) Plus a 4en:)

I gave ya a big score this time, because that was the shit.(Pun Intended:))

I laughed at how Hitler was happy that the group was going to hang that guy for doing something that the others perceived as being wrong.....without any chance to explain himself.

Then they hung him anyways. That guy is really hung now.....Lolz.

I would like to say at this point that Scat/Pee fetishes are wrong, and not just because they are gross to ALOT of people. Feces contains many bad bacteria, and sometimes a high concentration of Ebola as well.

But hey, if you want to die a horrible death with no known cure, then have fun.:) Also, Urine contains some nasty chemicals like Ammonia & Nitrates....stuff that is found in cleaning fluids, fertilizer, and bombs. The fact that it becomes toxic in higher levels probably isn't very good either.:)

If you want to pick a fetish, people, pick one that won't kill you.....right away.:) If you have to be gross, try vampirism. Lolz.

Ta-BEE 1.2.3
P.S. To CopyCollie: If you can do better, than do so. If not, then please keep your rude comments to yourself.....and the other idiots who flock around you.:P

New_York_Ninja: Your attitude has scarred me for like....ten seconds. That, and your stupidity at watching something with so many warning labels on the pre-page.

Vicious_X: And you are about the same, or maybe lower, for writing such a distatseful review. You couldn't even say what you liked/disliked, but rather used profanity & animal anatomy references(Which I normally don't mind & sometimes use in real life) to show how dumb you and others like you really are.:P

I swear, kids these days can't even form complete critical thoughts. Lolz.

U know ur right

Fetishies are ok... I'll show this to my kindergarden class

EricSullivan responds:

I recommend showing them the movie "Kids" instead.
They'll love it.

It's alright

It's sick, confusing, and only one part was funny. I still give it a 6/10 because I love the others!


Yeah, fetishes are alright, but child porn isn't. Lol, OMG, that was so disgusting! Nothing is hot about someone taking a dump on your face, I would violently throw up my own stomach. I feel sick now, lol. I thought it was funny when the guy was hung by his balls, that was pretty friggen hilarious, actually.

This is not funny at all

what in the fresh sides of hell are you thinking about man??? this can't be good for no one.

EricSullivan responds:

Damn right. FEAR MY MIND!!!!

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Sep 4, 2003
10:23 AM EDT
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