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The Hunt: O.P. Pt. 2

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Shattered Dreams Images presents...


If you haven't watched Part 1 yet, watch it first. Also, please read the Author's comments for Part 1, it contains some important information about the movie.

Sorry I can't upload Part 3 tonight, but I'll definitely have it up by tomorrow night. As for now, I hope you enjoy parts 1 and 2! Again, please feel free to post a review after watching the movie, and let me know of any comments or constructive criticism you may have. Thanks!

-RobsH66, Shattered Dreams Images



leave the funny to people who know funny

lmao very funny

i also think the part about the pink truck was really funny.... but i bet nobody expected to see bill cosby that came out of nowhere... once again you get a spot in my favorites. no other person has been able to have three of there submissions in my favorites. long story short: good job

I liked it. Enjoyed the humor and the action.

I think this part was very very funny. The pink truck and everyone just staring at him in a strange fashion.

My favorite part however is when that stupid...tonky? starts singing that old song from that old looney tunes episode , that , if i'm correct, was about some black bird who liked to sing this type of music while everyone shunned him for being different.

Other than that. I love the whole movie. The character intros are really awesome, inspired me to do a good drawing all i need is their outfits and names. Don't worry about plagiarism or anything. I'm just a student who draws as a hobby.

Bill rules

Like the Jimi Hendrix entrance for Bill Cosby. I never knew if there were any obese people in the military. That Tonky kid was no use for the gunho folks of that elite team anyways, good thing you got rid of him. He wouldn't fit in the jeep and would weight down the squad. *LOL* Speaking of jeeps, like the Barbie pink jeep... really brought in some humor to the whole thing. Not to surprising that the tan jeep looks a lot like a Hummer. Becareful Hummer might sue ya JK. Anyways again great job excellent piece of work.

A healthy blend of action and comedy

At first I was greatly disapointed by how the fat guy ended up having absolutly no point whatsoever. I mean, he was a one ton moron without any resemblance to a military item about his person in this uber awsome group of elite special ops badasses. You figure he was going to contribute something to the mix, but really he only took away from the greatness of it. This, however, was quickly overshadowed by the apearence of Bill Cosby. Made my day. That and the tearjerking moment of abamdonment felt by Sergent Barbie gave a great lighter side to an otherwise crazo awsome flash. Kudos.

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3.91 / 5.00

Sep 4, 2003
12:16 AM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Daily 3rd Place September 5, 2003