16-Bit Mercenaries

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Heyoow ! Here's the first episode of 16-Bit Mercs. I really did my best on this movie so please watch it till the end where the action gets hot. It's 2 Meg and it's approx 10 min. long.
If you enjoyed this animation, check out my other movies or visit my website.

Roger Gargantua
----UPDATE ----
I've changed some music at the goblin scene. And ( hopefully ) fixed some of the grammar & spelling. Unfortunately, English is not my primary language.
- keep in mind : Gau just speaks weird, okay ?


A good start, I hope....

If you keep making this series, I think it'd be a good idea to let the characters use their more advanced techniques in the future. For example, Sabin was only using Aura Bolt, and Crono didn't use any of his techs. Although it would have been less interesting if he just used Luminare on Carragor....

Very Lengthy

Can't go wrong with a good long sprite flash,it had a lot of great scenes and some good humor as well.

Looks Awesome...not too stylin' though.

K...the graphics, sound, concept, everything. Really cool. Only thing is, and this is one thing I really hate, is that it's an awesome movie visually with really lame dialogue. And there was a lot of dialogue. I think you should invest more time in the script before you add it to the movie. There were a lot of spelling and grammatical errors, and the characters said some things that just didn't make any sense. So you should check before you animate to make sure people will understand what your characters are trying to say. I rated the thing a 5 because it looks so cool (especially the battles! WOW!!) and it really should stay on the site and you should make more of these, but if I factored the really bad dialogue in it would have only gotten a 3. My only other comment would be that it was a little weird to have Carragor beat everybody's ass, and then have Crono (<--this is how you spell it) tell them to leave so he could beat the monster alone. Why would he think that he could? They should have teamed up, or else Crono or one of the others should have used magic. If you added a spell or two to this it would make it even cooler. Anyway, overall it was really great, but it could use a little improvement.

RogerGargantua responds:

First off, thanks for the cool comments. Second, English is not my primary language so if some dialogue's are lame, I can't always help it. A lot grammar and spelling errors ? I am not able to find many....and the character Gau is supposed to talk weird.
Why would Chrono think he could beat Carragor himself ? Cuz he's the man! ( sorry, I just don't have a real answer for this, you got me there, pal ).
Thanks for the comments ! I appreciate it !

about to watch it now

im about to watch it now so hold on..........ok,just watched it,it was kinda like a boring 8 bit theatre.

Kinda' slow paced.

The movie was alright and featured characters from some good video games,but it was just too damn slow.If and when you produce part 2 and so on just add more humor and cut out some unnecessary dialogue to quicken the pace.Otherwise it's a solid movie with smooth action.

RogerGargantua responds:

You've got some interesing points there. Thanks....I'll see what I can do in the next episodes.

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Sep 3, 2003
2:16 AM EDT
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