16-Bit Mercenaries

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Heyoow ! Here's the first episode of 16-Bit Mercs. I really did my best on this movie so please watch it till the end where the action gets hot. It's 2 Meg and it's approx 10 min. long.
If you enjoyed this animation, check out my other movies or visit my website.

Roger Gargantua
----UPDATE ----
I've changed some music at the goblin scene. And ( hopefully ) fixed some of the grammar & spelling. Unfortunately, English is not my primary language.
- keep in mind : Gau just speaks weird, okay ?



that was a really good impersonation of what i would imagine them acting like if yhey new eachother but i gusse it's before FF3 because sabin would have killed that little bastard kefka.


marco toasted that little green dragon ball z rip off..woulda been funny if you added the "shot gun!" audio from metal slug when he pulled it out

Nice movie.

Really nice ... it was worth seeing. Please finish this!!

Very Good.

Very good job on this movie, I can't wait for the next episode and whatnot, it brings back a lot of old Super Nintendo Memories. Heh.
Good job.

The name's "CRONO"!

My pet peeve about Chronotrigger movies (movies with Crono in it) is that people don't realize: the name is *CRONO* I even looked at your "Extras" section, and if you click on Sabin, the words change to red, and the extra H disappears! With that in mind, would it hurt you so much to take 15 minutes and proofread/edit the script?

Ahh, I feel better. By the way, are you sure that Gau is Sabin's little brother? And wouldn't both of them know about Kefka?
Overall, the movie was actually pretty good. I liked the three battle sequences, especially how Crono didn't *immediately* kill the larger goblin. Keep making them.

RogerGargantua responds:

This is what really annoys me. In the beginning of the movie a little text appears where I'm telling you guys that you should not compare my movie to the videogames !!!! I just used the characters ( the CAST , the ACTORS so to say ) for my OWN story !!
So in my movie Gau IS the little bro of Sabin and they DONT KNOW Kefka cuz they've never met him before.
I hope you understand this now.

Other then that, I'm glad you liked it.

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Sep 3, 2003
2:16 AM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place September 4, 2003