16-Bit Mercenaries

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Heyoow ! Here's the first episode of 16-Bit Mercs. I really did my best on this movie so please watch it till the end where the action gets hot. It's 2 Meg and it's approx 10 min. long.
If you enjoyed this animation, check out my other movies or visit my website.

Roger Gargantua
----UPDATE ----
I've changed some music at the goblin scene. And ( hopefully ) fixed some of the grammar & spelling. Unfortunately, English is not my primary language.
- keep in mind : Gau just speaks weird, okay ?


kinda weird but...

Kinda weird but kinda kool 2. Cute music but really repative. Fight sceens owned for a 16 bit. Good work, Chrono kicks ass! Teachs those little goblin pricks a lesson.

Whoah. :)

Really liked this one. Cool idea, and good use of sprites. Then Kefka. GOD i wanna kill him.

sweet ass

old star fox music for starting scene

RogerGargantua responds:

you bet !


Good story. Crono rocks.
The loading section, from left to right: some guy from metal slug, two guys I dunno where the hell they're from, and Crono. Their ship is an enemy from MegaMan X, Launch Octopus level.

The name is Crono, not Chrono. The game's name is Chrono trigger because Chronno has something to do with time (as in chronnometer, for example), and in the game you travel through time, like a 'Chronno trigger'. Nothing to do with the character.

The monster they had to kill is a sprite of The Beast from the X-Men.

Kefka is the bad guy of FFIII.

RogerGargantua responds:

Nice analyze about 16-Bit Mercs, Gladiuse but let me help ya out some more. The two guys are Sabin ( right ) and Gau ( left ) from Final Fantasy 6.
I named him chrono becuz ...uhm..read my other responses for that ! LOL
It's funny you could recognize Kefka but not Gau and Sabin.
The other guy on the ship is Marco Rossi from Metal Slug.

nice but...

2 things its crono and u need to make it so they have tabs on there bubbles 4 the ppl who cant read fast...i even had a hard time getting sum parts tht y u get a 9 instead of a 10.. every thing else flawwless though..i liked when crono made sabin faint bout hte sticks and stones he he he.. oh te ge???? AHH THERE EVIL!!! lol oh and 1 more thing tight fighting

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Sep 3, 2003
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