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I find it funny that whenever the NG Staff intervenes, a whole bunch of people decided to kiss ass. These lame, insecure people vote high and leave short, meaningless reviews like "OGM!!1 sooo hillarius!!! bestest flash evr!!1! 10!1 10!!," as if they believe Tom and Wade will magically grant them the "Key to the Portal," for sucking up. These are the same kind of people who tell the teacher that she didn't assign any homework for the weekend, a minute before the bell rings. I'm all for freedom of opinion here, but these people are just looking for attention.

As for this flash, I didn't laugh whatsoever. By the time I figured out what was going on, it was over. A little bit of plot probably would have given this some comedic value. Also, it could have scored some interactivity by simply allowing the user to beat up the jugs. The sounds were slightly amusing, but nothing stood out in my mind as being worth keeping here on Newgrounds. Sure, NG started out with stuff like Club a Seal (which I'm sure would be blammed if it were submitted by a new artist), but it has progressed far beyond that. If you want to see a funny, "dumb" movie, go watch the Dave the Wonder Snail series.

Enjoy this brief moment of protected fame. I'm sure this will be a very big controversy in the NG universe for quite some time.

cornbeef responds:

so what gives u the idea that ppl are trying to kiss ass here? if ne thing its seems your trying to get a piece of attention by writing a monologue about how ppl try to get attention. good job buddy,


YA NG and BawlsClock are right! I have been oh here since 1999 because it was for fun... not because people needed to put alot of effort and time or money into it... "people have really forgoten the old ways" -BawlsClock "is all about wacky humor" -NewGrounds -"5" I Will protect this too!

cornbeef responds:

thank you very much for your support


I agree with NG! and "PantherMLB" .... get a life... your 15 and you have not flashanimation of your own. I mean at least i have some one a big site i made. Well i loved this movie alot and it is much ike the good old stuff on NGs but people have forgotten the old way of ng... any way i support this flash and will protect it...

cornbeef responds:

Thx for your positive review. i appreciate it :)


Why do you have a negro beating up the white woman.

cornbeef responds:

ur a dunbass

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2.24 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2003
2:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Turd of the Week September 3, 2003