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Yeah, that's an 8 for style, because I always appreciate the occasional movie that dares to be short. Oh, and how did this get to be Turd with a score at 2.25? That's pretty crazy.
Anyway, I agree with the Newgrounds staff. While there are some out there, like Legendary Frog, who create intricate and classic flicks, there are others who prefer the simple and wacky path. I personally love wacky humor, not stupid, wacky. You don't? Have you seen the Arfenhouse series? In my opinion, they're the funniest things here, but they made little sense. That's what makes them great! Anyone who can't laugh at them is just heartless. Those same people attempted to blam this.
Here we have a movie with an equally pointless and wacky premise. Does that make it bad? No. Overly simplified? Probably. However, the Staff is right by saying crazy flicks like this deserve life, since that's the site's legacy. There is some real crap out there that doesn't get blammed and certainly deserves it, but this doesn't fall in with those. It's simple, pointless, and definitely dumb, but that's the charm of these movies: a quick laugh. To hell with the humorless asses here. I say make more!

cornbeef responds:

Thx very much. muchos gracias! when it first became turd of the week it had a score of 0.76. after that it has gone up. i love the arfenhouse series. they is funny shtuff. actually i may be having the man with the eye patch (whats his name?) from arfenhouse voice acting for a "cat" in the movie that this little joke will be in. good day :)

har that was funny

liked it ..the boobs... har


That was great! Dunno what everyone's saying about hating it, I don't know how anyone could hate that.


if i say that this was poo ur gonna call me a dumbass or that i have a dildo straped to my chair. but it was obvious alot of effort went into that but it was a bit short admit it. neway make dem buttons and it would boost ratings.Little things like a credits/replay page at the end make a movie/game a whole damn site better too. get some more practice in u have potential.


hahah, make the boobs buttons so when ya click em it beas em up

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2.24 / 5.00

Sep 2, 2003
2:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Original
  • Turd of the Week September 3, 2003