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STS-107 COLUMBIA MEMORIAL Soundboard * A collection of the crewmember´s replies to their daily wakeup calls... This is a serious one.

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Ok a few points here.... Ok when 7 americans die its such a tragity on the news but all those people died in the earthquake and its already being forgot about... Americans still bitch about 9 11 but already forget bout 40 000 fucking people who died.... you guys got fucking issuses! im not disrespectfull to the dead like im not happy they died but people die everyday whys it such a tragity when an american dies... i hope i never ever become american ide rather shoot my self threw the fucking head

More text, information and pictures?

The whole thing takes ages to load and though the sound clips probably last for a fair while, I didn't find them as interesting as I thought I might.

To be honest, I know next to nothing about this particular event, and so maybe you could have had some more information about the details.

If you had some more text and pictures and the picture didn't change the music, then this might be more enjoyable to watch.

As it is, it seems like a case of listening to a load of uninteresting banter.

Well, I respect you for the thought and idea and you seem to have done what you set out to do.

But something to watch on-screen - even subtitles - may have helped keep our interest somewhat?

Also, you could have pin-pointed on the screen any major events?

If I'd been given more information via text as it loaded then I'd have maybe been more interested to listen to the various wake-up calls.

tragedy relived through pop music!

not great...not horrible bad either....ho-hum


I just don't see why this should be on NG. Yeah, yea, i realize it's a tribute, but all it is is just pointless sounds nasa released. What work did YOU actually do???


Rest in peace all their souls.

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2.21 / 5.00

Sep 1, 2003
6:54 AM EDT
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