Dead 2 Rights

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This is just a quick parody of D2R the beginning b4 you start the actual game!



Well... it really wasn't that good. Why was the guy a bouncing at the begining?

was it supposed to be funny?

If it was,i hope you know that it wasnt.Youll have to get better then this..,.

I loved the ps2 game of Dead 2 Rights!

It got a 10 for sound,cuz u used the sound from the game.U know what,for the heck of it,im gonna give u a 5!

Dead To Rights

Smart choice, by using an excellent game such as Dead To Rights as a base line for your plot. Although your animation wasn't anything near good, you did manage to throw in that red targeting system featured in the game.
I recommend a few things.
1. Take a couple of weeks and learn how to animate flash better. i.e. Shading, tweens and various other techniques tp improve upon.
2. Get a new microphone, your sound was awful.
3. If you do plan on another flash, set out your plot and themes on some paper or a shaved monkey before putting them into action.
4. Another point on animation. Simple colors in your basic flash spectrum gives a red flag for "amature!"

Youve got ideas, just get some ideas to make the ideas worth being ideas.


riight... parody? hardly... dont find it funny at all.. and yeah... the arms look funny... hahaha... i guess that was funny so that deserved at least 1 point in humor..

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Aug 30, 2003
12:03 PM EDT
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