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"Zombie Nightmare 1: pt. 1"

This is part one of "Zombie Nightmare 1". (I divided it into two parts because of the large file size) This is a game, you have to kill the zombies and escape the house. After completing part one, you will be given a password. (remember or write down the password) You need that password to play part two. I chose to do a password because I really wanted people to play this one first before going to part two since it's really supposed to be one thing.
After you play this, be sure to go to part 2 to see the ending...yes, I just submitted part 2.

This was made by Violet-AIM (not XwaynecoltX). He broke into my account and tried to claim collab credit for some of my movies.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me.


nice try

it was too easy, the music was annoying. Try making it something like "Doors" a game which ug to to find items to get out of the house. that game is more creepy then this game

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This game would be a lot funner if you could kill off the second and third groups of zombies. You have a gun, but cannot shoot it. You have ammo, but you cannot load the gun. I believe your game would do much better if you skipped some of the no-brainers (i.e., found a gun THEN had to find the ammo, but then it was automatically loaded so you can actually use it.) Other than that complaint, I thought it was stupid to not let the player advance until they had found all the items required. Where's the challenge. You're going to have to think a little more...

Violet-AIM responds:

What do you mean? Yes, you do get to use the gun(until you run out of bullets), and then later, you use the shotgun. You use the shotgun to kill the last 3 zombies in part one.
Your comments were probably based on the fact that you never did get past the 2nd and 3rd set of zombies, since you thought they couldn't be "killed off". And you tell me in your reviews that the game isn't challenging enough? If it isn't challenging enough, then how come you couldn't figure out how to use the weapons like the other people could?

25k How?

This is bad. Blatant and directly, just bad. Nothing is good in it, not the interface, not the graphics ingame, NOT THE MUSIC OR SOUND, nothing. The repetative zombie moans forced me to turn my sound off after 2 seconds of death. The simple "Mouse-over stuff to win!" gameplay died with parachute pants and saved by the bell. This looks like something I made in 4th grade and I'm suprised this god awful monstrosity made it this far. 25k views? Amazing...

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Wow, that was not worth the wait at all

sound screwed everything up, and no real strategy involved, u told us exactly wut 2 do. and shooting the badly drawn zombies was way 2 easy. Im sorry but this was one of the worst game's i've ever played on Newgroundsonly when CONSIDERING the loading time.


Where is it?
Or is it the one I found under the desk, if yes, how do i use it?? I tried click my mouse, pressing spacebar. But none worked!

Violet-AIM responds:

The key is behind the picture on the wall.....I think I said that TWICE already in my response to reviews. The car key you found under the desk is supposed to be used later, like in part two. I don't get why people have trouble with finding the key. It just takes moving your mouse over the whole screen to find that right spot, which is about the size of a dime (I think). You use spacebar for fighting zombies (as the alternative to mouse clicking).

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2.75 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2001
2:54 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click