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y my 6th movie

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"Zombie Nightmare 1: pt. 1"

This is part one of "Zombie Nightmare 1". (I divided it into two parts because of the large file size) This is a game, you have to kill the zombies and escape the house. After completing part one, you will be given a password. (remember or write down the password) You need that password to play part two. I chose to do a password because I really wanted people to play this one first before going to part two since it's really supposed to be one thing.
After you play this, be sure to go to part 2 to see the ending...yes, I just submitted part 2.

This was made by Violet-AIM (not XwaynecoltX). He broke into my account and tried to claim collab credit for some of my movies.

Absent from flash after this was made. Any posts or reviews made by me from May 2005-Jan 2011 was not by me.


not good

this game was not good. The style was horriable, bu the graphics were nice, but next time when i need a game that will lift my spirits i'll look away from this movie. (work on how fast you die.)

fucking good!

it was a great game,but it was a little hard for me to find that key and kill thoses zombies i wish you wouldnt die so fast and make the battles longer

well hmm alright

this wasn't too bad... the character graphics weren't horrible but I certainly would have liked more detail in the terrain. Ah yeah and I thought it was kinda dumb how you had to pick everything up to move on... railroading is what we call that! overall good.

Zombie stabbing fun

i dug this game a lot. little bit of everything, that was really cool. i've never played resident evil, but maybe i will now. keep em comin violet, youre movies are always cool.


This game did not respond well with my mouse or keyboard. i kept being killed when i was clickin on the weapons. not sure what that means. well either way the graphics were kinda cool but overall not that great of a game.

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2.75 / 5.00

Feb 17, 2001
2:54 AM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click