Freak : Prelude (Ep. 1)

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John Kravitch tells us the story of how he became a Freak.
I hope you enjoy it !
Thanks for all the comments too we appreciate !

Created by me (Marco Arsenault) and Evil-Dall (Stephane Dallaire).
Voices by IceWolf.
Musics from Starcraft and Sonic Mayhem.

The story of this movie is based on the role-playing game (with books and dices) "Freak Legion", published by White Wolf.
In Freak Legion, there is a huge corporation named Pentex, that have a dark secret which is to dominate the world. Under the cover of dominant companies (Like Magadon) in every level of human society, Pentex creates its own elite army of super-human freaks called "Fomori" by joining an evil spirit with a human body.

John Kravitch is one of those who got in Pentex's way.


Great Work, Newgrounds needs more WW/WoD Flash

Being a great fan of White Wolf's WoD(World of Darkness) series, I think that this is seriously Kick Ass! It was done very very well, the only other flash having to do with WW/WoD was a VtM flash, which was decent, the artwork in that piece was fair and the story was good, but, it just didn't have what this has, its taken it beyond what that other series had done. if I might make a suggestion with this series, run through its course with the formori perspective, but then also try n run through all your episodes with another point of view too, like for instance a Lupine's point of view (a Lupine is a Werewolf for those that aren't familiar with WoD) considering that Lupines are one of Pentex's most potent enemies (or atleast thats wha I've always gathered from the way I've always seen Lupines RPed) and if I'm mistaken about that lemmie know, I don't really consider myself all that knowledgable about Freak Legion or Werewolf the Apocolypse, I'm deffinitely more of a Vampire The Masquerade expert

Evil-Dog responds:

Hey thanks a lot for your great comment !
We'll surely put one of those werewolves in the serie cause it's World of Darkness right...a story about The Wyrm...that would be crazy to totally ignore the werewolf presence :)
Have fun dude


WOW, Excellent job!!! Definately do make another, Im sure that took a long time but........VERY VERY GOOD job!!

holy shit

doooood fucken A that kicked ass!


::nods:: That was a great peice of art. The graphics were awesome considering it was amature.
The sound was kinda odd but nicly done. I thought the Charactor reminded me of John Doggot from the later episodes of the X Files.


it wasnt perfect by any means, but god damnit it was close. that was, by far, one of the best flash movies i have ever had the pleasure of viewing. thank you for that. and please, for the love of flash, MAKE A SEQUEL!! lol....great job man...

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Aug 29, 2003
1:41 AM EDT
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