all yor base r blong 2 us

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This song is a parody of the poorly translated intro to Zero Wing for the Sega Genesis.

The images were made by members of a Starseige Tribes forum.


My thoughts exactly plain and simple.

It was difficult to tell whether or not this film was real or a bad case of "Typo" syndrome. It caused me to sit and think for many hours on how much I appreciate my english teachers for grammar studies.

it was ok

try harder but still good

My first bad reveiw

What the F*** is this?... seriously! Every single one is the same. I only liked the one about sonic because well... I like sonic, but this is awfull. How about something new instead of microsoft sam repedively saying "all your bass belong to us" over and over again. Plaese just do something else, take afew lessions from Mathrix or something... jeez!

J.s' personal rating... 8
J.s productions rating... 2


not really a fan. I know it is a classic and all and im probly gonna get flamed for uthis but it wasnt that good. It was just a bunch of pictures and scenes from a game i would expect to find this sorta thing in the star syndicate section

A good one.

I found your work wellly done. But some of the music just wasn't clear enough. There were some confusing parts and I think you should have added more things from the game.

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4.37 / 5.00

Feb 16, 2001
8:40 PM EST
Music Video