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Christian America or UNITED States of America? Pick one...
And before the faithful start blamming it, try to understand that I don't mind at all if you want to be religious - of any flavor of religion you like. I don't hate you. Really! I wish you all the best love and life offer.
But don't push your beliefs on the rest of us through OUR government please (yes ours - mine too!). Be happy with your beliefs, and allow the rest of us to be happy without them.
Fair enough?


The USA is NOT A christian country, stop lying!

Civics 101, there is a such thing as the 1st amendment, the separation of church and State.

Just because the majority claim to be chirstian, does not make the US a christian country.

Places that have an established religion tend to be intolerant of other religions, even of other sects.

This country was not founded on one religion, as some liars will try to say, but to freely practice religion, or not, without the government stepping in and telling people what/whom to worship.

The only way to have a nation that is suitable for the many, many religious groups out there is for the government to take a neutral stance, i.e. no publicly (taxpayer) funded religious icons/displays/services/etc.

People need to stop being intolerant bigots and realize that other religions do not necessarily appreciate having other religious items crammed down their throats.

Not true at all.

You have no faintest idea about the country do you, you say we ARE this, we ARE that. Look into history before you go ranting about it. The country was made ON a basis of religion and christianity by the pilgims. Even in our pledge! " and one nation, UNDER GOD, indivisible with liberty and justice for all ", and yes we ARE united but some of us think that it is unfair that they cant live thier lives the way they want to, you have your own opinion that is fine. This country has and always will be on a religious basis.


Nice one Regie. Bring back the first amendment, keep religious icons and monuments off government property.


I didnt get it. Not at all.lol maybe Im just ignorant. btw the baby crying sound REALLY pissed me off and it went on for WAAYYYY too long. I like the last part though. I'd prefer pariotism over religious closed-minded bible humper weirdness anyday.


wtf was that

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Aug 28, 2003
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