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Breaking up is EZ

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Christian America or UNITED States of America? Pick one...
And before the faithful start blamming it, try to understand that I don't mind at all if you want to be religious - of any flavor of religion you like. I don't hate you. Really! I wish you all the best love and life offer.
But don't push your beliefs on the rest of us through OUR government please (yes ours - mine too!). Be happy with your beliefs, and allow the rest of us to be happy without them.
Fair enough?


The word "shit" comes to mind...

Its kinda sad you took time out of your day to make that. Animation sucked, audio sucked, it wasn't funny, and ...it just sucked.

If its gonna suck at least make it funny

The animation was choppy and unstylish so you should of done something funny with it instead preah your political ideas, Then it would of had a chance at getting a better reveiw.People judge more kindly on funny stuff. Plus the stuff about the government pushing religeon on people is bullshit. They don't even let you talk about God in schools or qoute anything biblical in public places. Besides the idea of "seperation of church and state" doesnt actually even appear in the constitution. It was in a personal letter that Davis wrote to a friend expressing his anti-anglican sentiments and even the phrase wont be found in the preamble or body of the constitution.

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First off, how does the US push "our religion" on people? People have the freedom of religion, so if you feel like your being forced into a religion, you're not. I'm athiest, personally, which means I believe in no god. My opinion on the Ten Commandments thing in Alabama is:

I don't care. So what? The Commandments are just stones with words carved in. If only one person believes in a certain god, does that give them the right to destroy every religious artifact, since it might offend them? Religion is failing, and people are starting to discover that maybe, whoever the almighty one may truely be, wanted us to struggle, but in the struggle, make allies and become stronger. In the end, humanity is it's own saviour.

As for this flash, it's not going to be blammed by the faithful, and suggesting that it is shows you have some biased predispositions about "faithful" people. America, the land of the free... Yea right, not while people complain about everything. All this crud about religion is why I turned athiest. Not for contempt of a god, but for contempt of the people warring over beliefs. G'day.

I did pick "one"..literally. it was your score.

I am living in Alabama and while I agree that we should not push religion on other countries or people who do not belive in our same diety, I must stress a point or two:
1. not all of us are bible totin' holly rollin hicks. SOME of us are educated enough to want to support our belief system while not forcing it on those who don't want it.
2. Our country was based on the principles of the Ten Commandments. to exclude God would be like rewriting the Constitution.
3.The Ten Commandments display, in my opinion, is like those cute little bumperstickers on your car that read "I am the proud parent of an honor roll student at (Blank)elementary. The Ten commandments are simply a show of faith.
4. However, I realize that symbols of a particular religion on a government building is unconstitutional. Unfourtunately, some people do not agree. they belive it is a form of religious oppression.

I agree with The ten commandments coming down, but I am not an athiest, I am a law abiding citizen ( except for those speeding tickets). So the guy wasn't really an infidel for removing them, he was an infidel for putting the broken pieces in Judge Moore's hands, I guess as a show of rebellion. Actually, what I just said had little to do with your flash, I just saw an opportunity to get what I had to say off my chest.

I'm not from the US

So I can't really give this a high score for patrioticity, now can I?

Although on the topic of the movie itself, you got the point across: you're proud of your country (-I'm- not proud of your country, but I don't shove it in everyone's faces except in humor with friends).

The graphics were pretty well done, and the crying part was pretty funny. A good work on the jackhammer sound loop too, though that mustn't be really hard :P.

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2.13 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2003
8:56 AM EDT
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