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Breaking up is EZ

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Christian America or UNITED States of America? Pick one...
And before the faithful start blamming it, try to understand that I don't mind at all if you want to be religious - of any flavor of religion you like. I don't hate you. Really! I wish you all the best love and life offer.
But don't push your beliefs on the rest of us through OUR government please (yes ours - mine too!). Be happy with your beliefs, and allow the rest of us to be happy without them.
Fair enough?


What was that?

I understand what it was about, but it seemed to be the stupidest movie on newgrounds. I'm not sure because I haven't seen them all. If you deny God that's fine, I'm sure the feelings mutual, but if you force your beliefs on people that is where I (and others like me) have a problem. I am christian. I love God. I like to talk about things that I love, just like everyone else. If I'm having a conversation with someone who isn't comfortable with my beliefs, I drop the subject and talk about something else. It's a consideration that most people have. I'm sorry that all you've come across is forceful christians, but we aren't all like that.

You are very right!

I am christian, but i dont like all the sub-class things like babtist, methodist or any other excuse just to make people give you free money. But what people dont understand is that American is ALSO founded on the freedom FROM religion. If you do not beleive, look in our history books. Many people moved because of the Cathlics going crazy in Europe and then a bunch of crazy relgious zealots in the US, but then that was fixed, and now we have a FREEDOM FROM RELIGION WHICH IS THE BEST RIGHT!

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Hmm well that did suck

Well dont getme wrong im not blamming you cuz im christian and im blindly following the teachings, hell i kick back and watch Link's quest for ass and laugh my head off which isnt too godlike at all, butive come to find that when i come to newgrounds to watch a portal flick, its to laugh and enjoy myself...So i guess what im trying to say is your film sucks cuz it just kills the humor\comidy mood of most of these films

what crap!

What a waste of time. This is shameful crap. What a pointless flash!

Do some research.

Open a history book. The legal law structure in this country was based on biblical law. I myself am not a Christian, but I dont think they should have removed that monument. Christianity is a huge religion in the country, and everyone should accept that no matter how far out a religion, they are NOT equal to the majority. Why should the majority cater to the minority? Its a majority for a reason. I accept that my beliefs are not mainstream, and have no problem with seeing Christian/Moslem/ect things around me. Those who do need to get a life, stop whining, and find something more constructive with their damn time.

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2.13 / 5.00

Aug 28, 2003
8:56 AM EDT
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