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Christian America or UNITED States of America? Pick one...
And before the faithful start blamming it, try to understand that I don't mind at all if you want to be religious - of any flavor of religion you like. I don't hate you. Really! I wish you all the best love and life offer.
But don't push your beliefs on the rest of us through OUR government please (yes ours - mine too!). Be happy with your beliefs, and allow the rest of us to be happy without them.
Fair enough?


What's wrong?...WITH YOU?

What do you have against a whole lot of people i think this is a sick cartoon that should be removed.

In response to the author's comments.........

I know you really don't mean that. If you REALLY didn't have a problem with people choosing to be religious, then you wouldn't have made so many animations against it.

Honestly, do you have anything ELSE to talk about, or are you just another one-trick pony?

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Uh huh...

Posting a monument is hardly forcing a religion. Because you respect something doesn't even mean you believe it's real, let alone that you're forcing other people to believe in it. I have this a one just because I thought it was funny how that hand came in and changed the guy's clothes and then he cried like a baby. It really didn't make much sense at all other than the general idea of the cartoon.

was that supposed to be bad?

wow that was really stupid. i didnts now wheter to throw up or shoot the computer. next time make a good flash please. it would be greatly appriciated.

I don't know.

Meh, I am not very religious or into politics, so I really don't have much as far as views on this. As far as the animation, not bad, a bit short, but I think you got your point across.

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Aug 28, 2003
8:56 AM EDT
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